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  • The classic modern handle product range

    The classic modern handle product range

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The alloys of the Roto Samba aluminium handles are corrosion resistant and of high quality. The surface-finishing is carried out via an anodising process or with powder coating.

You can choose between the following anodised colours and powder coatings as colour versions:

  • Silver, anodised
  • Brass matt, anodised
  • Titanium-matt, anodised
  • Bronze, anodised
  • RAL 9016 Traffic-white
  • RAL 8019 Grey-brown

Versatile and secure – the following Roto Samba handle variants are available for equipping your windows to help you meet individual security and comfort requirements: For detailed information on the individual technical functions, see the technology section.

  • Standard
    Basic handle without additional function
  • Lockable 40 Nm
    Equipped with turn cylinder for locking and unlocking; basic security; not tested; suitable as child safety lock
  • Lockable 100 Nm
    Push cylinder; burglar-inhibiting retrofit product (DIN 18104-1); lock the closed or tilted window quickly and simply by pushing down the cylinder
  • Secustik®
    Invisible security against manipulation from the outside, self-locking blocking mechanism; safety bolt
  • Push button
    Forcible displacement of the hardware from the outside is prevented; the window can be operated when the button is pressed
  • TiltFirst
    Lockable with turn cylinder; “Tilt before Turn”
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