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From one provider – worldwide

Through the acquisition of the Deventer Group and Ultrafab Inc., Roto has established itself as one of the world’s largest suppliers of seals for windows and doors.
By doing so, all of our customers across the globe now have access to seal systems which are optimally adapted to the movement geometry of the Roto hardware product ranges for all opening types and frame materials.

  • Seals for all windows and doors around the world with internationally valid certificates
  • Research and customer-specific development, production and supply concepts
  • Prototype production and pre-testing of seals
  • From one provider: integrated consultation regarding hardware and seal, as well as system tests in accredited test laboratories
  • Special seals for applications outside the building elements industry

Deventer, based in Berlin (Germany), is a leading specialist in seals and sealing profiles on windows and doors with seals made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), specific PVC formulations and silicone rubber with recognised high quality.

The result of the interaction of hardware solutions and seal technology is a huge plus in terms of expertise – and consequently offers considerable added value for our customers. Close collaboration in a team enables the Roto Group to offer high-quality and harmonised system solutions. Our customers therefore benefit from an overall concept that goes from the versatile product range right up to the coordinated sales and logistics process.

Ultrafab is a privately held manufacturing firm located in Farmington, New York (USA). For over 50 years, Ultrafab has been the leading supplier of sealing products to the fenestration industry. Ultrafab also designs and manufactures specialty brush and seal component parts for all types of OEMs.

Quality products and quality service are the driving forces behind Ultrafab today. With a long-standing commitment to research and development, our products and proprietary processes have enabled the company to achieve leading edge market positions. Commitment to our customers is embraced throughout the company with the recognition that it takes the initiative of all departments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hardware and seal ‒ the #perfectmatch

The function-specific interaction between hardware and seals directly influences the performance of the building elements with regard to operating convenience, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Roto offers the perfect hardware, seal and glazing technology to match your window and door systems. And this is regardless of whether you make these from PVC, timber or aluminium. That’s not all – the range of services available is unparalleled. So we can say for certain: Roto – it’s the #perfectmatch for you.

Roto subsidiaries Deventer and Ultrafab are able to offer you sealing profiles for different systems and requirements. They process various synthetic materials for an almost unlimited range of applications. When it comes to these two companies’ product range and marketing coverage – they are a #perfectmatch!

An internationally very successful example of use which demonstrates the benefits of integrated product development is the tightly sealed Roto Patio Inowa sliding system: the special design of the hardware and the circumferential seal between the sash and frame profile represent a real revolution in sliding elements.

Hardware and seal ‒ the #perfectmatch

Product range

Seals are all too often underestimated. But they play a pivotal role in window and door systems: they not only ensure that the building elements are tightly sealed, but also make them durable and user-friendly. This is important because for end users, who often have limited technical knowledge, it is usually the ease of use of windows and doors alone which determines their impression of quality.

Requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings are growing as extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Tightly sealed, soundproofed windows and doors are therefore becoming increasingly important for environmental protection, security and comfort.

Deventer and Ultrafab seals are able to meet the most stringent demands for many different types of windows and doors made from timber, PVC and aluminium frame materials.

Deventer seals for windows

  • Tilt&Turn windows:
    inner seals, stop seals, glazing seals, floating-mullion seals, renovation seals
  • Sliding windows:
    sash rebate seals, stop seals
  • Outward Opening:
    inner seals, stop seals, glazing seals, renovation seals
  • Window sill seals

Deventer window seals

Ultrafab seals for windows

  • Sliding windows:
    sash rebate seals, stop seals
  • Outward Opening:
    inner seals
  • Casement&Awning:
    inner seals
  • Insect screens

Ultrafab window seals

Deventer seals for doors

  • Main entrance doors, back doors, interior doors:
    door leaf seals / door rebate seals, door frame seals / frame seals, block frame seals, drop down seals
  • Sliding doors:
    drop down seals, sash rebate seals, stop seals
  • Seals for sound insulation, smoke protection and sauna doors

Deventer door seals

Ultrafab seals for doors

  • Main entrance doors, back doors, interior doors:
    brush seals
  • Sliding doors:
    stop seals, sash rebate seals
  • Insect screens

Ultrafab door seals

Deventer special seals

Concrete construction; wall connections; folding, sliding and glass walls; car washes; furniture industry; ventilation industry; electrical cabinets; vehicle construction; IT and office hardware

Deventer special seals

Ultrafab special seals

Agricultural machinery construction; cleaning equipment; medical equipment; household appliances; accessories for animal care; roller shutters, blinds, sectional doors; pneumatic tubing; heating, ventilation, air conditioning technology; conveyor belts; vibratory feeders; escalators; vehicle construction; IT and office hardware

Ultrafab special seals

Global technology leaders

Deventer and Ultrafab manufacture their products at a total of seven sites and deliver consistently high-quality seals on time and in large quantities. The seals are designed and tested to customer specifications.

As technological leaders, both companies offer support to customers at an early stage of their product development. Consultation is necessary if a special window or door design is to be developed or manufacturing processes need to be made more efficient. Prototypes of a new sealing profile are created at short notice.

Production takes place on consumption-optimised, modern plants. Up to 99% of production residues are prepared and recycled. The use of regeneratively produced power is also being systematically promoted.

Seal materials

Deventer and Ultrafab develop customer-specific sealing profiles from the synthetic materials that offer the ideal material properties for the desired solution. These companies offer a huge variety of seals, ensuring that all windows and doors worldwide can be equipped with compatible seals.

  • Deventer processes: thermoplastic elastomer, flexible PVC, silicone rubber
  • Ultrafab processes: thermoplastic elastomer, rigid PVC, flexible PVC, polyamide, hot-melt PVC, polyolefins

If they need particularly effective seals, companies outside the building elements industry also turn to our experienced specialists due to their comprehensive expertise in the processing of synthetic materials.

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