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Roto Patio Lift

Roto Patio Lift

Hardware for versatile use in Lift&Slide systems. Learn more

Roto Patio Inowa

Roto Patio Inowa

Intelligent hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems. Learn more

Roto NX

Roto NX

The Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again
Learn more

Roto's Window and Door Technology Division (FTT) is a leading global manufacturer of window and door hardware.

All Roto products are of high quality and convince through high security, ease of use and energy efficiency. By consistently focusing on customer benefits, window and door manufacturers also receive targeted support in optimising their window and door production and in training their employees.

Product news

Roto Solid B | 170 R

Roto Solid B | 170 R: The proven butt hinge has been optimised

Sash weights of up to 160 kg can now be realised. An additional retaining mechanism provides even more stability and installing and removing the axis pin upwards and downwards enables a quick and easy installation and removal of the door.

Roto Patio Lift

Roto Patio Lift: Product range extension of the Lift&Slide system

Roto Patio Lift is the standard hardware for large aluminium Lift&Slide doors up to 400 kg sash weight.

Roto Patio Inowa

Roto Patio Inowa: Soft functions for increased operating convenience

SoftClose, SoftOpen and SoftStop functions for fault-free operation over a prolonged period

Roto Solid B | 130 R

Roto Solid B | 130 R: New butt hinge for entrance doors

The Roto Solid B | 130 R two-part, clampable butt hinge is ideal for aluminium main doors, back doors and balcony doors up to a sash weight of 120 kg.

Service highlights

Roto City

Roto City

Step into a new world – A customer experience of a different kind

Roto Campus

Roto Campus

The international training academy offers training and e-learning for our customers and business partners

Roto Con Orders

Roto Con Orders

The online hardware configurator

Presse releases

Press releases

Control and regulation with Roto electronics

Intelligent windows thanks to “Roto E-Tec Control” / Wired sensor range / Clever contact elements / Screwed-on and concealed versions, each available in three different designs / Opening monitoring, locking monitoring and combined opening and locking monitoring / For any application and any frame material / Possibility of integration in bus or Smart Home systems / Greater security, comfort and energy efficiency

Press releases

Glazing: on the safe side

Glazing blocks: a small component with a major impact / Extensive “Glas-Tec” range from Roto / Consistent quality / 100% virgin material / Individuality from one provider / Various forms of assistance / Exclusive compatibility tests / Protection against risks

Press releases

Roto ups the pace of digitalisation

Roto FTT continues systematic digitalisation / New Industry 4.0 projects / Collaborative robots pack finished hardware parts / Comprehensive analysis and test phases / Later addition of driverless transport system / Further improved delivery quality for customers / Online machine diagnostics as the next pilot project / Preventing downtime – ensuring on-time delivery / Lövő as a pioneer for the network of factories

Press releases

Digital overview and insight

Roto FTT promotes e-learning / Online training increasingly attractive / Varied eCampus offer / Web-based programme for customers and partners / Broad spectrum of topics / Additional training options in 2021 / Up to 12 languages / General and specific advantages / Efficient introductory and further training / Ease of use / Learning success can be monitored / Compact and flexible units / Website provides information and clarification

Press releases

New generation of butt hinges

Three-part main door butt hinge revised / “Roto Solid B 170 R” with new features / For sash weights up to 160 kg / Greater stability thanks to optional hinge retaining mechanism / Wide range of colours / For standard PVC profile systems / Ease of installation and other strengths

Press releases

Roto: 3D printing offers added value for customers

Roto implements digitisation strategy / Added value for customers, growth, efficiency, future viability / Move into additive manufacturing / PVC components / Fast, flexible small series / Other 3D products / Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP / Powder-based printing process / First international case-study property / Packers for 1000 Tilt-Only windows


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