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Roto NX

The Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again.
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Roto's Window and Door Technology Division (FTT) is a leading global manufacturer of window and door hardware.

All Roto products are of high quality and convince through high security, ease of use and energy efficiency. By consistently focusing on customer benefits, window and door manufacturers also receive targeted support in optimising their window and door production and in training their employees.

Product news

Roto Patio Lift: Facelift of the Lift&Slide system

Roto Patio Lift is the standard hardware for large aluminium Lift&Slide doors up to 400 kg sash weight.

Roto Patio Inowa: Soft functions for increased operating convenience

SoftClose, SoftOpen and SoftStop functions for fault-free operation over a prolonged period

Roto Solid B | 130 R: New butt hinge for entrance doors

The Roto Solid B | 130 R two-part, clampable butt hinge is ideal for aluminium main doors, back doors and balcony doors up to a sash weight of 120 kg.

Presse releases and company news

Press releases

Tailored advice online

Welcome to the “Roto City” / Digital meeting technology for tailored advice from Roto experts / New digital tool from Roto helps with property-specific planning / Registration begins in January

Press releases

One of the best toolmakers in the German-speaking region

Finalist Roto Frank Austria GmbH: top 10 toolmaking company / “Excellence in Production − Werkzeugbau des Jahres 2020” competition / 203 participating companies / Fully automated machining centre for individual tool components / Digitalised process data logging / Greatest vertical integration in the global Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie Group / Well placed for the future

Press releases

New opportunities for windows opened up by the coronavirus

Windows in the post-coronavirus world / Roto Trade Press Day with virtual panel discussion / Five experts from different areas / Utilise emotional momentum resulting from pandemic / Specialist topics and emotionality not mutually exclusive / Brochures not geared towards consumers / Differentiated communication / Reinforce insights obtained by private customers / Reasoning directly linked to coronavirus for professionals / Improve image of windows, including at international level / Focus on ventilation

Press releases

Roto improves Lift&Slide systems

“Roto Patio Lift”: hardware product range extended / Versatile use in Lift&Slide systems / Three versions for modern Slim aluminium profiles / Sash weights from 150 kg to 400 kg / Optional “DesignLocking” espagnolette / Greater comfort and improved appearance / High-performance central locking system / New “stainless steel Plus” roller unit / Increased corrosion protection and effortless operation / Wide range of accessories

Press releases

Trade Press Day 2020: Good Roto performance

Roto Group triumphs over coronavirus disruption / Construction supplier increases sales and income in 2020 / Ambitious “four-point plan” for 2021 / Criticism of sanctions and economists / No revolution in the world of work / Heterogeneous markets / Full supply capacity as a key to success / Proven new group structure / Positive and negative market scenarios / Consistent growth trend / 70 journalists from 14 countries attend livestream première

Press releases

Trade Press Day 2020: Roto wants to be the “most reliable partner”

Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie: challenges of 2020 overcome / Stability in the year of the coronavirus / Good performance worldwide on balance / Differentiated hardware markets / Stable position / Successful healthcare concept / Completely capable of delivering globally / Digital offensive / Economic strength / Investment in innovations / “Roto Patio Inowa” sliding system as exemplary proof of performance

Service highlights

Roto Campus

The international training academy offers training and e-learning for our customers and business partners

Roto Con Orders

The online hardware configurator

Spare parts service

Order spare parts online

Customer Magazine Roto Inside

Detailed reports from all over the Roto world supply well researched and interesting background information. This allows the reader to look beyond the horizon.

Product information as well as facts and figures on industry-relevant topics and the company complete the content.

Roto Inside


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