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Personal reports

from our employees from different areas

What do you think is special about Roto?

"From my point of view, it is a multitude of topics that makes Roto special. Roto is a hidden champion and operates as the world market leader for tilt-turn hardware. This allows me to work in an international environment with great colleagues. Our products serve several megatrends at once, such as security, sustainability, individuality and the associated feeling of well-being in one's own home. 

As process manager of the Digital Innovation Lab, my colleagues and I can provide impetus in the industry and drive digital change. In this exciting and varied area of responsibility, we deal with a wide range of customer requirements and try to derive digital solutions from them. This gives me the opportunity to put my part-time doctorate in business model innovation and artificial intelligence into practice."

Philip Jorzik, Process Leader Digital Innovation Lab
Roto Leinfelden

What are your day-to-day tasks?

"At Roto, my role is to develop hardware products for aluminium windows. My tasks range from optimising existing products to developing new products.

As a design engineer, I am involved throughout the entire product development process. I am involved in interesting tasks, from coming up with ideas, to prototype production and development testing, right through to the launch of the series-produced product.
As developers, we are like the parents of our products. From birth onwards, we look after our “babies”, caring for them, supporting them and ultimately ensuring that they can stand on their own two feet. And we are only satisfied once we have achieved this aim.

As the mother of two children, I know that this entails a great deal of work. However, successful completion of product development also gives a huge sense of achievement and a certain pride at having contributed to and put your knowledge into practice with a product."

Jinxuan Zhou, Product Developer for Aluvision
Roto Leinfelden

How has your career at Roto developed?

"My career at Roto began in September 2003 when I started my training to become an industrial mechanic. In three and a half years, all necessary technical knowledge was passed on to me at the company so that I was ideally prepared for the world of work.
During prototype production in sample construction, I was able to put what I had learned into practice and use all standard production processes to realise ideas for development.

After my part-time continued training to become a state-certified engineer, my path took me to the Roto ITC (International Technology Centre, Roto’s accredited test centre for component, window and door tests), where our products are put through their paces.
I currently work there as a sub-process manager for development verification and, together with my team, I ensure that Roto’s quality standards are met, taking account of all laws and standards."

Christian Hamann, ITC Testing Specialist
Roto Leinfelden

What has your career path been like at Roto to date?

"Varied and rewarding in all aspects!

After successfully completing my dual studies course at Roto, I had the opportunity to get to grips with many tasks and projects in the Sales department. I am now Sales Manager for Germany and Austria.

Just like on my very first day at Roto, I value the team spirit, the constant new challenges, the feeling of celebrating success and, last but not least, the confidence the company shows in my personal ability to make Roto sales as sustainable as possible."

Stefanie Kopp, Sales Manger for D, AT
Roto Leinfelden

What was your first impression as an intern at Roto?

"It is always very exciting to arrive at a new place and in a new working environment. The first days of my internship were initially filled with information and getting to know each other. Despite the summer holiday period, I was very well looked after! The many new encounters with staff from other processes were very warm. I also felt immediately well received when dealing with my direct colleagues.

I noticed how important a pleasant and positive atmosphere is in order to feel comfortable at one's workplace and to be able to achieve good results in one's work.
From the first day on, I was treated as a full team member and given responsible tasks. My first tasks, for example, ranged from research to helping design global HR formats. The internationality of the company quickly made itself strongly felt.

Even after a short time in the internship, it feels like I've been here much longer. This is probably due to the fact that I arrived relatively quickly in my day-to-day work. I was involved in projects right from the start and was allowed to try things out."

Jennifer Cyganek, Intern HR Development / HR Corporate
Roto Leinfelden

What was your experience of your internship at Roto?

"The application: the first impression was very positive. I received feedback on my application very quickly and had an enjoyable interview.
Onboarding: well organised and structured with a clear, well-thought-out induction plan.
Working together: a complete sense of camaraderie, including after-work activities. There was a lot of contact both on the phone and in person, and you quickly get to know people from different specialist processes, especially in HR.
My duties: I was assigned a range of duties. I had direct involvement, and was able to make contributions. Colleagues and superiors gave me freedom, but also support, and were very helpful.

Conclusion: it was the right decision. Highly recommended!"

Sibille Schmidt, Intern
Roto Leinfelden

What do you particularly like about your vocational training?

"I particularly appreciate the outstanding supervision and support that we get both in the training process and in the specialist processes.

You feel like you have a lot of support thanks to the arrangements that are in place, such as a structured training plan, fixed contacts in the specialist process, defined educational content and much more.
I am also impressed by the great confidence that is shown in the trainees.

Even from the very first day, we have the opportunity to take charge of our own projects and are directly involved in important decision-making processes.
This shows me that I can have a great impact and that my work is appreciated."

Gideon Lutz, Industrial Management Assistant
Roto Leinfelden