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Roto Campus

The international training academy

The Roto Campus trains Roto staff as well as manufacturers, fabricators, architects and planners. The focus is on product and communication training for the purpose of optimising performance in sales and customer communication based on a more profound technical understanding of Roto products.

Roto products are characterised by demanding, state-of-the-art hardware technology optimally matched to the needs of the window and door manufacturers, hardware dealers and end customers.
The quality of sales is therefore closely linked to an understanding of the technical and solution-oriented mode of operation of individual products and product groups.

Roto Campus

Roto Campus training methods

For many years now, the Roto Campus has focused on applying the latest knowledge transfer methods to supplement traditional seminars and meetings.

The training sessions therefore cover in-person events held both at the Roto Campus Headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen with an in-house workshop and in our markets on site, as well as e-learning modules, blended learning and live online trainings.
In this way, the Roto Campus is making use of all modern learning methods to transfer content in the best possible way while saving employees’ time and resources.

In-person events

The traditional format of getting together in person in small groups for seminars often requires a great deal of time and organisation. However, the personal presence of trainers and participants offers unbeatable advantages in two regards in particular: in learning about products that you can see, touch and use and in sales training when face-to-face conversations with customers are practised down to facial expression and gestures.

In-person events are held in the individual markets by the relevant trainers in the language of that country and with simultaneous interpretation.


The Roto Campus e-learning modules are designed to impart basic knowledge about our products, to review this knowledge and assess it in tests.

Your users can complete e-learning modules anytime, anywhere. This makes these learning units especially flexible. Depending on requirements, these are used as a stand-alone training method or as preparation for in-person events in order to share basic knowledge before or after in-person events to deepen and consolidate what participants learned there.

Blended learning

"Blended learning" refers to the combination of in-person events and e-learning for the purpose of combining the advantages of both methods.

Live online trainings

Live online trainings are the latest training format to be offered by the Roto Campus. In these sessions, small groups work through compact topics as part of online seminars.

Groups of up to eight people participate by means of videoconference on specified dates. Simultaneous interpretation is offered if required. The duration of a training session can be up to two sessions of three hours each, depending on the scope of the content to be learned. The Roto Campus trainers have been specifically trained for these live online trainings.

Roto Campus trainers

At the heart of the Roto Campus is a team of trainers from 16 different countries. They pass on product knowledge and sales techniques tailored to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Roto world in the best possible way.

All trainers undergo a training programme comprised of up to six modules so that they are at the highest level in all technical, didactical and pedagogical fields.