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Why Roto?

Are you unsure about which hardware technology you should choose to use for your windows and doors out of the many good ones available on the market?
We’re certain that Roto is the best choice. There are many good reasons why you should choose us as your hardware supplier and service partner!

Roto system solutions make buildings around the world more comfortable, secure and attractive. Our company name has represented an inventive spirit and technological progress in compatible components for the construction industry since 1935. Roto has the world’s best expertise on the manufacture of hardware and the integration of hardware in windows and doors. This makes it possible for you to produce the best and most affordable windows and doors.

We hope that you can sense the immense enthusiasm that drives us and that you as a customer will experience from Roto time and time again – an enthusiasm that is unrivalled around the world.

Why Roto?

Roto FTT: Economically strong and reliable

Digitalization at Roto FTT

German engineering skills: innovative, experienced, value-adding

Our actions are geared towards adding value for our customers. We are therefore continuously expanding our E-Business Framework, which we had already established in recent years: thanks to digitalisation, we are designing our corporate processes, both internally and for our customers, to be faster, more transparent and more focused.

A partnership, often going back decades, links us to our customers. Certified product quality is of crucial importance. This is guaranteed by Roto’s in-house test facilities like the accredited International Technology Centre (ITC) in Leinfelden.

Our range of products covers the entire range of building fitting functions, from windows, external doors and back doors. Gaskets, window handles and additional equipment, such as glazing blocks, complement the range.

The corrosion-resistant hardware technology functions smoothly and without fault in the long term. It provides optimal support for economical manufacturing in your production, because the hardware can be installed quickly and is also ideal for the automated production process, depending on the system. The product range is complemented by diverse services.

Supply chain management: fast, streamlined, precise

We supply our premium-quality products on time and all over the world. This is ensured by our 18 international, certified production plants on four continents, 30 sales locations with additional exclusive trade partners and 31 global logistics and distribution centres.

We are able to flexibly respond to your needs at all times since production and logistics are ideally coordinated. We are continuously developing and flexibly adapting our logistics concept. Logistics discussions with our customers are an important pillar of this concept.

Added value: qualified, close to customers, digital

Throughout the entire life cycle of windows and doors, we are your partner when it comes to any questions relating to our hardware and, needless to say, spare parts as well. Our qualified staff are able to provide you with expert support and will assist you with launching a new hardware system into your production process.

We are able to test your products for you in our accredited International Technology Center (ITC) in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in accordance with all established standards to check their burglary inhibition, tight sealing and long-lasting correct operation, among other properties. 
You have the possibility of continuously refreshing and enhancing your knowledge of Roto hardware through the e-learning modules from our Roto Campus. You can find all technical documents such as catalogues, installation instructions and interactive installation videos in the Roto media portal.

Using our Roto Con Orders online hardware configurator, you can assemble a custom hardware set to match specific requirements in 17 languages within a very short time and with just a few clicks.

Would you like to optimise your own production processes? We provide an entire methodological toolbox for this purpose too – one that our Roto Lean advisers are happy to explain: If all of the potential is exploited, the production is harmonised and bottlenecks in the processes are eliminated, huge increases in cycling are possible.

“german made”: robust, reliable, durable

The Roto brand assures long-term collaboration on the basis of personnel and financial stability. Roto has grown organically and has therefore retained its economically healthy and robust position to this day.

Our continual leadership in terms of innovation, technology and performance always places the emphasis on the practical benefits for our customers – the benefits for you. We have therefore intentionally cultivated our image as a German company at international level too. Our “german made” logo symbolises the value promise that all of Roto’s processes, products and services are based on German standards of quality and conduct.

Thousands of product patents are evidence of the considerable development expertise of the people at Roto and are the reason behind the good reputation of Roto’s “german made” technology, service and corporate culture.

» Learn more about „german made“

Fit accuracy: quick, simple, systematic

We know how important it is to have hardware components and production processes that are optimally harmonised with each other if you have to position yourself in mature markets with good products and competitive prices.

We therefore offer hardware systems that make the production easier. They are easy to handle, quick to install, and can be flexibly integrated into any production process. An additional benefit: thanks to the modularity of the hardware systems, the number of items can be monitored at any time.

Short installation times and common part utilisation are also taken into consideration right from the development of a hardware system. Examples for this are the Roto NX Tilt&Turn hardware, as well as the Roto Patio Inowa and Roto Patio Alversa sliding systems.

In summary: our overall technological offering accelerates the installation in your production, streamlines your processes, and cuts down your costs – including the opportunity for fully automated production.