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Roto NX

The Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again

  • Simple and fast installation
  • Reduced storage and logistics expenditure
  • High level of operating convenience and ideal functionality
  • RC 2 in the tilt position possible
  • For PVC, timber and aluminium frame materials with a 16 mm hardware groove

Roto NX is the innovative Tilt&Turn hardware system in terms of efficiency, security, comfort and design. The future-proof hardware for PVC, timber and aluminium windows with a 16 mm hardware groove and a sash weight of up to 150 kg provides tangible benefits for manufacturers and end customers.

Smart Home, burglary protection, comfort requirements, sound insulation and energy efficiency are the topics that are preoccupying the sector.
As a result of innovative further developments to individual components and assemblies, we have decisively improved our Tilt&Turn hardware again and prepared it for new challenges. We are therefore offering the new Roto NX Tilt&Turn hardware system, based on the proven Roto NT, with various features and functions.

With Roto NX, we are presenting a future-proof hardware system that contributes to your success in the long term and represents a safe investment for the future.

Roto NX

Roto NX: Always the right decision


The system guarantees simple and fast installation, and reduces storage and logistics expenditure. This saves time and money.

In addition, Roto NX ensures a high product quality and long-term functionality. This all makes Roto a reliable partner – now and in the future.


The new TiltSafe components offer advanced burglary protection – now even in the tilt position (burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2). Working with the hardware itself is also becoming safer and permits higher loads even in the standard version, for example.

The product quality and breadth of the range additionally ensure maximum reliability and decision making certainty.


The system impresses with a high level of operating convenience and ideal functionality.

Roto NX also improves the living comfort, for example by optimised ventilation properties for a balanced room climate or through incorporation into the home automation.


Roto NX ensures an attractive appearance in all aspects. For example by elegant cover caps and fine powder coatings, as well as concealed screws on the hinge side.

In addition, the system allows a modern room design with large glass surfaces thanks to its high loads.

Hinge side

For windows with night ventilation

  • Added security due to a sash weight of 130 kg even in the standard version
  • Night ventilation function at a handle position 135° without additional frame component
  • High level of operating convenience with effortless closing movement thanks to the staged taper action (s-shaped link). This effect is intensified with large windows.
  • Stay bearing is flush with the overlap of the sash: more possible combinations with different window types (for example fanlights)
  • Attractive appearance of the stay bearing thanks to concealed screws as well as custom colour selection for cover caps and surfaces (e.g.: titanium powder coating)

For windows with night ventilation. Just like the new hinge side P for PVC windows, the hinge side T also impresses with clear advantages in terms of efficiency, security, comfort and design:

  • Increased security due to efficient components up to 150 kg sash weight
  • Night ventilation function at a handle position 135° without additional frame component
  • High level of operating convenience with effortless closing movement thanks to the staged taper action (s-shaped link). This effect is intensified with large windows.
  • Stay bearing is flush with the overlap of the sash: more possible combinations with different window types (for example fanlights)
  • Contemporary design and perfect appearance due to concealed screws and cover caps with an optimised shape, as well as powder-coated surfaces in numerous colour variants (e.g.: titanium powder coating)

For aluminium windows with a 16 mm hardware groove and night ventilation

  • High-performance components up to a sash weight of 150 kg
  • Night ventilation function in the 135° handle position without an additional frame component
  • High level of operating convenience: staged taper action (s-shaped link) of the integrated night ventilation harmoniously distributes the necessary operating force throughout the closing process. This effect is even more pronounced in large windows.
  • Rebate corner hinge with integrated bearing bush for a long service life
  • Also suitable for arched windows and pitched windows, as well as for balcony doors with a threshold


V cam

  • Enables simple installation of the window element as it absorbs more rebate-clearance tolerances without the need for adjustment
  • The robust design ensure consistent gasket compression and therefore permanently tightly sealed windows.
  • Attempts on the window element are reliably made more difficult because the V locking cam engages behind the security striker across its entire surface
  • A marking helps to quickly identify the position of the gasket compression.
  • The gasket compression can be adjusted easily by using a standard 4 mm hex key.

Roto NX V cam

Lever-operated espagnolette Plus

Economical due to fast, effortless installation

  • Uniform position of the strikers in the active and passive sash as a result of the synchronous movement of the connecting rod and lever – just one jig for both sashes
  • Fast cropping and installation in the sash because it is delivered in the open Position

Increased comfort due to improved operation

  • Simple, convenient operation
  • Reduced risk of injury since the lever does not protrude in the opening position (virtually 180°)

Steel frame components

Security tilt strikers and security strikers for increased burglary inhibition up to RC 3

  • Steel frame components made from hardened steel with PVC bottom part
  • Secure connection between top and bottom parts
  • Higher operating convenience by optimised run-in curve
  • Set up for magnetic locking system MVS-B Roto E-Tec Control concealed contact element; no rework of the security tilt strikers and security strikers in the base area

High backset espagnolette

High level of efficiency thanks to minimised storage and logistics costs and fast installation

  • Faceplate and gearbox / lock casing are disconnected from a backset of 25 mm and above for a configuration in line with requirements and a clear reduction in the number of items to be stockpiled
  • EasyMix system: faceplate and gearbox / lock casing are connected without screws by conveniently clipping them in

Surface Roto Sil

Maximum protection for a high level of durability

  • The further developed Roto Sil Level 6 surface offers special protection to connection and sliding elements that are under significant stress.
  • The entire Tilt&Turn hardware system even exceeds the requirements of the highest corrosion class (class 5).
  • Thanks to the special, microcrystalline structure, the coating retains its exceptional hardness, making it particularly durable.

Space solutions

TiltSafe window

Ventilate without worrying and sleep more easily

  • Burglary inhibition in the tilt position in accordance with RC 2 due to three identical steel security strikers (in conjunction with security locking cams and a lockable handle)
  • Available as a conventional, manually operated variant as well as an electrically controlled design in conjunction with the Roto E-Tec Drive

Increased comfort and improved room climate

  • Familiar simple operation without limitations
  • Tilt-depth of up to 65 mm in manual and electric versions for a high air exchange rate
  • Convenient incorporation of TiltSafe windows into the home automation by means of an electric window drive-unit Roto E-Tec Drive


Roto NX lifting mishandling device

Lifting mishandling device

Flexible installation and long-term functionality. Fast correction in the event of incorrect release due to adaptable spring (left / right). Robust spring mechanism for a high level of durability.

Roto NX mechanical balcony door bullet catch

Mechanical balcony door bullet catch

High level of durability and increased comfort. Stable spring structure for long-term functional safety. Optimum positioning of frame and sash in relation to each other due to height adjustment of up to 7 mm on the sash component. Optimised shaping of frame component and sash component for improved run-in characteristics and a high retaining force.

Roto E-Tec Drive

Electric window drive-unit

The concealed Roto electric window drive-unit Roto E-Tec Drive that can be integrated into the hardware allows windows to be automatically tilted and locked by sensors, time switches or BUS systems. Manual operation of the window is possible at all times.

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