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Roto FRH Uni

Fully reversible hinges for outward opening windows

  • High product reliability and durability
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Allows easy and safe cleaning
  • Different ventilation positions
  • Emergency exit at low sash heights
Roto FRH Uni

The Roto FRH Uni range includes high-performance fully reversible hinges and accessories for timber, PVC and aluminum outward opening windows up to max. 80 kg sash weight.

Outward opening windows with integrated fully reversible hinges allow complete reversal of the sash and thus easy and safe cleaning from the inside. In this case, the reversal of the sash takes place completely outside the room.
Furthermore, the Roto FRH Uni has various latching positions to keep the window in different ventilation positions.


Sash bearing now available with standardised baseplate

Roto FRH Uni

Roto FRH Uni fully reversible hinges are available in two variants for the different areas of application:

  • With the standard version, the restrictor must always be actuated to open, close and turn the sash.
    This means that the restrictor must always be pressed to move the sash from a ventilation or cleaning position.
  • The hotel variant has a different restrictor with identical hinge compared to the standard version. The restrictor allows the sash to be closed by simply pulling it closer without pushing the restrictor.
    In order to ensure safe ventilation, there is an additional, integrated turn lock.

Technical data

Sash width
Max. 1,600 mm
Sash height
Max. 1,700 mm
Sash weight
Max. 80 kg

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