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Roto Patio Inowa

Intelligent hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems

  • Intelligent sliding: convenient and easy operation with little effort due to innovative closing motion across the frame profile
  • High impermeability due to circumferential gasket and active control of all locking points (also in the mullion)
  • Intelligent design thanks to concealed technology
Roto Patio Inowa aluminium
Roto Patio Inowa PVC
Roto Patio Inowa timber
Roto Patio Inowa
Roto Patio Inowa aluminium
Roto Patio Inowa PVC
Roto Patio Inowa timber
Roto Patio Inowa

Roto Patio Inowa stands for a completely new sliding technology for sliding doors and windows made from timber, PVC and aluminium up to a sash weight of 250 kg.
The innovative closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile and the specially developed Soft functions make sliding elements particularly easy to operate. The concealed technology also allows for slimline profiles with a modern design.


SoftClose, SoftOpen and SoftStop functions for fault-free operation over a prolonged period.

Roto Patio Inowa

Intelligent sliding

Roto Patio Inowa stands for increased comfort when opening, sliding and closing:

  • The innovative closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile and the construction on roller bearings mean that it is not necessary to lift the sash.
  • The sash is moved conveniently without any major effort.

Increased operating convenience with Soft functions for fault-free operation over a prolonged period:

  • The SoftClose function gently brakes the sash when closing and moves it to the end position.
  • The SoftOpen function briefly brakes the sash after opening and pulls it into the open final position.
  • The SoftStop function on timber-aluminium profiles from 200 kg sash weight helps with gentle closing or opening of the sash by braking it.

Tightly sealed

The hardware keeps the sash tightly sealed even in bad weather conditions with storms and heavy rain impacting directly on the pane and frame.

The circumferential gasket and the active control of all locking points ensure a tightly sealed system.


Reliably burglar inhibiting in accordance with resistance class RC 2 thanks to circumferential hardware with active locking points.

  • Secure locking thanks to locking points in the mullion and V locking cams
  • Lockable handle with drilling protection

Maximum variety

Different formats, frame materials and design variants offer a wide application range.

Exclusive design

The concealed technology allows for narrow profiles with straight lines to create attractive sliding systems.

  • Elegant appearance thanks to large glass surfaces
  • Wide variety of colours and uniform line of handles

Technical data

Sash (rebate) width
Max. 2000 mm
Sash (rebate) height
Max. 2500 mm
Sash weigth
Max. 200 kg (Timber-aluminium profiles: max. 250 kg)
Retracting distance
8 mm
RC 2 / RC 2N
Sash arrangement
Diagram A, C and K
Running inward and outward


Tensioning tool

Tensioning tool (mandatory accessories)

Simple installation aid for activating the Soft functions


Efficient: Roto Patio Inowa is optimised for simple and rapid processing.

  • Each assembly (control unit, centre closer and roller unit) requires just four screws.
  • Screwing the assemblies together undoes the centre fixing.
  • Minimised effort in storage and logistics thanks to optimally coordinated components from the proven Roto NX / Roto NT and Roto AL systems

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