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Roto Patio Lift

Hardware for versatile use in Lift&Slide systems

  • Wide range of applications from 150 to 400 kg sash weight
  • Can also be used with modern Slim profiles
  • DesignLocking espagnolette for an attractive appearance and increased comfort
  • High-quality, durable roller unit technology for quiet, convenient sliding
  • Stainless steel Plus roller unit with increased corrosion protection
  • Burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2

Roto Patio Lift is the hardware for versatile use in aluminium and PVC Lift&Slide systems with sash weights from 150 to 400 kg, which is also suitable for modern Slim profiles.


The hardware is now suitable for sash weights up to 400 kg and modern Slim profiles.
It can now also be used in PVC profiles and offers optional burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2.

Roto Patio Lift

Extensive range

Roto Patio Lift offers a variety of possible uses for Lift&Slide systems.

  • Light elements up to XXL elements, with sash weights of 150 kg and 400 kg respectively
  • Ideal for heavy triple-glazed sashes which meet the requirements of the current German Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparungsverordnung) and German Thermal Insulation Ordinance (Wärmeschutzverordnung)
  • Special Slim versions with slimline, design-oriented profiles for modern architecture
  • Optional night ventilation for an improved room climate without draughts

Roller unit

Thanks to their meticulous workmanship and outstanding robustness, the roller units are designed for durability.

  • Roller unit components made from stainless steel
  • Rollers made from high-quality PVC mounted on ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation

Stainless steel Plus roller unit

Stainless steel Plus roller units reliably ensure long-term functionality, even in extreme conditions.

  • With increased corrosion protection, especially for coastal regions
  • Ball bearings made from high-quality stainless steel for reliably ensuring long-term functionality
  • Corrosion protection 1000 hours (proven via salt spray test)

2-in-1 roller unit

Round and flat connecting rods can be mounted on the roller units for the standard versions with 300 and 400 kg sash weight.

  • Flexible mounting of the connecting rod in a roller unit
  • No need for an adapter
  • Fast processing, reduced storage and logistics expenditure


High-quality, easy-to-install espagnolettes ensure efficient processing.

  • Quickly installed thanks to form-fitting connection with the roller unit
  • Set up with profile cylinder for greater security
  • Simple and convenient to operate
  • With integrated dampers from a sash weight of 300 kg
  • Optionally available with individual customer logo (info clip)


For greater operating convenience and appealing design.

  • With the DesignLocking espagnolette, the locking cam does not protrude into the access area, but is located in the espagnolette and is moved with the sash.
  • The striker that looks like it is flush with the surface impresses on the frame side.
  • Depending on the profile used, significantly shorter processing time by avoiding routing work
  • Several striker versions available for a variety of profile systems


Individual design options offered by modern handles.

  • Handles in the classic Roto Line design
  • Uniform appearance possible throughout the entire building
  • Optionally available in an uncoated version for individual colouration

Burglary inhibition

For higher security standards, achieve burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 using just a few additional components.

  • Anti-jemmy device
  • Drilling protection
  • Lockable handle / espagnolette

Technical data

Sash width
Max. 3000 mm
Sash height
Max. 3100 mm
Sash weight
Max. 400 kg
Roller unit installation space
Groove depth 30 / 42 mm, groove width 16 / 18 / 22 mm, depending on version

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