Everything you need for aluminium windows and balcony doors

The extended version of the central reference work “Aluminium Compendium” is now available from Roto / Clear structures and handy range overview / The complete range including all new additions at a glance

Everything you need for aluminium windows and balcony doors: Quickly find the right solution for you

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Since its launch last year, Roto’s “Aluminium Compendium” has become a valued everyday aid for many metalworking companies as well as window and facade manufacturers. Thanks to the clear structure of the handy range overview of the Roto Aluvision business area, the ideal hardware solution for any application is quickly found. A comprehensive extended version of the compendium is now available.

The central reference work for the Roto Aluvision business area not only presents Tilt&Turn solutions for aluminium windows and balcony doors from the “Roto AL”, “Roto NT” and “Roto FS” ranges, but also shows all sliding door products from the “Roto Inline” and “Roto Patio” ranges. Furthermore, the hinges for aluminium doors from the “Roto Solid” range have also been added. On the first page of each range presentation, the technical requirements for the use of hardware, existing certification and information about the surface and corrosion protection are listed in bullet points. The following page contains information about general hardware properties as well as possible accessories. The other pages of the range presentation are dedicated to various opening types and application ranges, with specific information about the sash widths, heights and weights that can be achieved with each type of hardware.

Pure technology without “decorative padding”
The innovative “Roto Patio Alversa” Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide system as well as the “Patio Lift” Lift&Slide system for elements weighing up to 400 kg have been newly added to the “Aluminium Compendium”. “We developed the classification and structure of the ‘Aluminium Compendium’ according to our customers’ wishes: Clear structure, reduced to technical data and descriptions of the properties and possible uses of hardware,” Jordi Nadal explains, Manager of Roto Aluvision in Europe and America. “We also integrated the newest of our products in the same format so that the practical way the reference work is used did not change.”

The extended “Aluminium Compendium” is available to download in German, English and Polish from www.roto-frank.com, and you can also request a print version in German by sending an e-mail to info@roto-frank.com.


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