Convenience Meets Security

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) With regard to the applicable standard, balcony doors between flats and terraces or balconies are still considered Lift&Slide doors, even when the hardware system used only moves the gasket level. In accordance with DIN EN 13126-16, architects, planners, executing companies and builders are on the “safe side” when they use “Patio Life” technology. With this clarification, Roto reacts to current queries and expertises from building practice.

As also emphasised by the hardware specialist, it is therefore irrelevant for the evaluation of the corresponding feature, whether the sash elements themselves can be raised or lowered. Regardless of this, the intelligent technology offers a large number of specific advantages for ease of operation, function, security and energy benefits. It therefore masters, for example, the consequences resulting from the continuing trend toward ever larger and heavier window sashes.

The system is suitable for sash weights up to 400 kg. The principle of moving the horizontal gaskets upward and downward directly via the handle avoids the otherwise very laborious task of lifting the door. When the handle is moved into the vertical position, a concealed and therefore invisible night ventilation also provides equally effective protection against rain, insects, dirt and ultimately also burglars. For: The balcony door itself remains completely locked. In addition, “Patio Life” already ensures a security level in accordance with RC 2 on the basic equipment level. According to Roto, a barrier-free threshold with a thermally insulated material structure that increases the energy efficiency while at the same time preventing thermal bridges, completes the “convincing overall balance” of the sliding solution.

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