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Roto E-Tec Drive

The concealed drive for windows

  • Completely integrated in the window hardware
  • Steplessly adjustable tilt-depth
  • Reliable, quiet motor operation
  • Immediate commissioning thanks to pre-installed components
  • To be controlled via smart home systems

In combination with intelligent sensors, time switches, BUS systems or smart home systems, the concealed electric window drive Roto E-Tec enables fully automatic tilting and locking of windows up to 100 kg sash weight.

Opening and closing windows is often practical exactly when no one is there to do it. The following additional comfort options are available for this purpose:

  • Switch control
  • Remote control
  • Time switch
  • Wind sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • BUS System: Can be integrated in the central building control system
  • To be controlled via smart home systems

Technical data

Sash rebate width
451 – 2000 mm
Sash rebate height
290 – 2600 mm
Sash weight
max. 100 kg
Opening type
Tilt-First / Tilt-Only windows


Roto E-Tec Drive Control Unit

Control Unit

Testing unit for checking the function and parametrization of the Roto E-Tec Drive.

Roto E-Tec Drive Power Unit

Power Unit

Connection module for Roto E-Tec Drive (group switchgear incl. power supply unit).


A suitable installation solution for every requirement:

  • Roto E-Tec Drive Plug&Play: Immediate commissioning thanks to pre-installed components
  • Roto E-Tec Drive Set: Includes all required installation components
  • Roto E-Tec Drive: Individual drive unit for project applications

All solutions can be independently configured and monitored with the Roto E-Tec Drive Control Unit:

  • Simplified initial operation
  • Individual ventilation parameters adjustment
  • Remote diagnostics

Do you have any questions about the product?

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