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Count on Roto for aluminium windows with special shapes

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – At the BAU trade fair in 2023, Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT) presented for the first time a flexible corner drive for Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn aluminium windows with obtuse and acute angles. The Roto Object Business of the Roto Aluvision branch has now established an accelerated test process for customers who would like to equip special window shapes with the flexible corner drive. This is because the demand for these individual design-focused elements is growing rapidly at international level.

Flexible corner drive for Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn elements

The flexible corner drive can be used with the “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” (concealed) hardware systems. Regardless of a window’s shape and size, any number of locking points can be positioned all around the outside. This way, a trapezoid-shaped window, for instance, can achieve the same sealing properties, the same high level of operating convenience and also the same resistance class (RC 2) as a normal rectangular standard window.

Quick feasibility check

It doesn’t take long for the Roto Object Business to check whether the flexible corner drive is compatible with a specific profile system. The team is usually able to grant approval very quickly as tests have already been performed with most standard profile systems. These fully verify the function and sealing properties of all tested windows. The innovative corner drive is suitable for inward and outward opening windows.

Reliability guaranteed

“Aluminium window manufacturers must be able to trust that the ‘Roto AL’ and ‘AL Designo’ Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn hardware with our flexible corner drive function reliably,” emphasises Matthias Nagat, Head of Sales and Product Management at Roto Aluvision. This means that a unique window design must not be to the detriment of energy efficiency or durability under any circumstances. If requested, Roto carries out durability, burglary and tightness tests with customers’ elements in one of the International Technology Centres (ITC).

Like all other components in the Roto Tilt&Turn hardware systems for aluminium windows, the corrosion resistance of the flexible corner drive also meets the requirements of class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670 (highest class). It is extremely easy and efficient to work with. Once it has been pushed into the sash profile, it is simply secured in position with four piercing screws.