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Roto AL

The universal hardware for aluminium windows and balcony doors

  • High-quality hardware system for almost all current type of window and opening types
  • High fabrication friendliness and efficiency
  • Modular system
  • Sash weights up to 300 kg
  • RC 2 / RC 3

Roto AL is the universal hardware for hinge-side, surface-mounted aluminium windows and balcony doors for sash weights of up to 300 kg. It sets new standards for fabrication friendliness and efficiency.
This high-quality hardware system is designed in line with the modular principle and can be implemented for almost all current type and size of window, as well as for all opening types (Tilt&Turn, Turn-Only, Tilt-Only, dummy mullion sashes and Tilt-First). When there are stringent demands on security, ease of use and durability, the Roto AL is the first choice.

Hinge sides

Roto AL 300 kg

  • Sash heights up to 3,000 mm
  • Opening type: Turn-Only
  • Comfortable adjustment possibilities thanks to the lateral and vertical adjustment of the sash at the corner hinge when installed

Roto AL 200 kg

  • Sash heights up to 3,000 mm
  • Opening types: Tilt&Turn, Turn-Only
  • The maximum tilt range of 190 mm enables an extra-large ventilation capacity to be achieved for profile systems with large installation depth.

Roto AL 160 kg

  • Sash heights up to 3,000 mm
  • Preinstalled hinge side and sash stay in DIN L and DIN R making installation easier
  • Opening types: Tilt&Turn, Turn-Only and Tilt-First

Roto AL 90/130 kg

  • Sash weights up to 130 kg and sash heights up to 3,000 mm with a uniform hinge side
  • Sash stays and corner hinges are non-handed, as are the matching bearings
  • Comfortable adjustment possibilities thanks to lateral and vertical adjustment of the sash at the corner hinge when installed
  • High-quality appearance thanks to bearings flush with the sash and without visible screws

Technische Daten

Sash width
max. 1600 mm
Sash height
max. 3000 mm
Sash weight
max. 300 kg
RC 2 / RC 3


Braked and damped opening restrictor

The braked and dampened opening restrictor is specially harmonised to the hardware system and allows very sophisticated tenders to be submitted.

Special opening restrictor with brake and stop

The integrated, infinitely adjustable brake and stop provides a basic opening restrictor function and prevents uncontrolled window sash movements.

Special opening restrictor with lockable stop function

With lockable stop function the maximum sash opening angle can be adjusted and set. A sash can only be fully opened by unlocking the stop function, e.g. for cleaning purposes.

Special opening restrictor with lockable, but bypassable stop function

Relocking a sash that has been fully opened using a key is facilitated. The defined restriction is reactivated simply by passing over the stop. Additional locking with the key is not necessary.

Special opening restrictor which locks in the end position and is controlled by the handle

The robust solution for protecting high-quality aluminium Turn-Only windows: The window sash can be opened up to a defined opening width and lock it in the end stop position simply using the handle.


Roto AL is the perfect hardware when the focus is on security, ease of operation and maximum durability as well as quick fabrication.

  • Durable Torx drive units on frame and sash components for quick and fatigue-free assembly
  • Corner drive with a plug-in clamping fork for tool-free assembly
  • Fixed dimensions (T4/T5) ensure that striker positions are easy to determine and enable the connecting-rods to be cropped for a high manufacturing quality.

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