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RC 2 in tilt position with “Roto AL Designo” and “TiltSafe”

Leinfelden-Echterdingen   Aluminium window manufacturers are witnessing growing demand for elements with improved burglary protection. With immediate effect, therefore, Roto offers “TiltSafe” technology, which provides protection for security windows in class RC 2 in the tilt position with a sash weight of up to 150 kg, including the “AL Designo” hardware product range. The new “TiltSafe” security strikers for tilt ventilation have been included in the installation instructions IMO_386 for the “AL Designo”. They have already proven to be a great success in the “NX” range for PVC and timber windows.

Even for RC 2 tilt opening

Three of the new “TiltSafe” security strikers for tilt ventilation must be fitted in addition to the usual RC 2 hardware configuration. Roto recommends using special screws to secure them, which, once tightened, cannot be opened or can only be undone using a special tool. On request, the Roto Aluvision experts can also develop hardware configurations with “TiltSafe” security strikers for sashes weighing up to 180 kg and for windows in protection class RC 3. If a window is tilted, it always belongs to class RC 2, even if the system has passed the RC 3 inspection when closed.

No loss of operating convenience

The operation of an aluminium window with “TiltSafe” hardware is just as intuitive and comfortable as that of a Tilt&Turn window without the new security strikers for tilt ventilation. Practical for everyday life: The vertical striker fitted on the locking side features a locking function. This prevents the sash from closing when tilted – an welcome additional benefit that provides our end customers with even more comfort.

Increased security

The greatest benefit of “TiltSafe” technology, however, is without a doubt the significant improvements regarding personal security: The tilted window no longer needs to be closed in order to maintain the desired class RC 2 burglary protection. Whether it's night or the inhabitants are away, “TiltSafe” technology helps to keep intruders out whenever the window is tilted to provide ventilation. With the market launch of the new security strikers for tilt ventilation, Roto Aluvision has therefore closed a gap in the RC 2 concept for aluminium windows.