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Pioneers in the "Retract & Slide" class: Roto Patio Inowa | 400

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – The global trend towards increasingly larger window and door dimensions and, therefore, towards considerably heavier elements is leading to rapidly growing quality and performance requirements for hardware. The same is true for sliding systems. In order to allow the market partners to fully cover the relevant demand segment, the manufacturer is now offering a new member of the internationally successful “Roto Patio Inowa” product range. This means that maximum dimensions of 3000 mm x 3600 mm (width x height) with elements that weigh up to 400 kg can be implemented. This will be the first and, to date, only solution of this kind in the “Retract & Slide” class.

Various formats in all frame materials irrespective of the building

The expansion of the range, which was previously limited to a sash weight of up to 200 kg, will considerably increase this extensive variety even further. According to the manufacturer, this starts with the suitability for all common frame materials (PVC, timber, aluminium, timber-aluminium). Furthermore, you can now implement construction projects, from small sliding windows to oversized sliding elements, with a single hardware system. Finally, the broad range of applications extends to different building types, from detached houses and apartment buildings, through to major projects in “megacities” affected by high noise levels and extreme wind loads.

New roller unit technology

Furthermore, the easy operation of even extra-large and heavy door leaves is one of the decisive advantages of “Patio Inowa | 400”. This is made possible by a new, robust roller unit with stable, smooth-running rollers. Due to rolling friction when the leaf moves transversely, the integrated linear ball bearing represents a key comfort factor. Furthermore, the roller unit ensures safe weight transfer. It has integrated brushes and allows for height adjustment of -1 to +3 mm on the espagnolette side.

Ball bearing locking mechanism

Of course, the special closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile is retained as a basic principle of “smart sliding”. An additional increase in comfort is provided by retrofittable and combinable Soft functions for mechanically controlled, braked opening and closing. According to Roto, the expansion of the hardware product range is also based on the development of new cams. On the version for timber, PVC and timber-aluminium profiles, instead of an eccentric cam, a (ball bearing) K cam is now used for centre locks. The counterpart for aluminium profiles is the two-part control cam, which is also mounted on ball bearings.

The same functions in all weight classes

As the producer also emphasises, the complete “Patio Inowa” range also stands out thanks to a number of common features. The 200 mm long handle lever is used in both the 200 kg Patio version and in the new version with 400 kg sash weight. The circumferential gasket and the active control of the locking points also ensure absolutely sealed sash elements in all weight classes, even in bad weather conditions with storms and heavy rain. Equipped with corresponding components, burglary inhibition can be achieved in accordance with RC 2. Furthermore, wired magnetic locking system contact elements can be added to the system and these monitor the opening and locking status of the sliding element in accordance with VdS class B.


Concealed technology, elegant components and cover caps meet the growing demand for well-designed objects in the building sector. The same also applies to low thresholds that allow for an accessible transition in accordance with DIN 18040.


The simple integration into the production processes results from the limitation to a small number of screws, sophisticated aids, such as drilling jigs, and the straightforward release of the centre fixing, among other things. Furthermore, the storage and logistics expenditure is noticeably reduced thanks to the use of compatible “Roto NX” and “Roto AL” Tilt&Turn hardware. A tilt protection device increases the aspect ratio to 3:1.

Standards and certificates

The sliding hardware has the applicable certificates. Finally, numerous international case study properties confirm the comprehensive yet individual practical application. Overall, the window and door technology specialist expects that the new range expansion will be met with “extremely positive market and customer feedback”.