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New generation of butt hinges

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Following a relaunch, the “Roto Solid B 170 R” three-part butt hinge now boasts a range of new features. According to the manufacturer, these include a load of up to 120 kg. An optional hinge retaining mechanism with a supplementary kit consisting of two bolts and two counter plates ensures even greater stability. Using three hinges and the compatible hinge retaining mechanism makes it possible to increase the maximum sash weight to 160 kg. The possibility of installing and removing the axis pin upwards and downwards rounds off the host of new features.

The current member of the “Solid” range also impresses with its appearance. All visible hinge components are available in powder-coated or anodised versions, explains Roto. This results in a wide range of standard and custom colours. The solution, which is ideal for PVC main doors and back doors and especially for doors with fillings covering the leaf on both sides, is available in three version for leaf grooves of 16, 20 or 24 mm. The butt hinge, which is 210 mm long and can be used on the left or right, is compatible with standard PVC profile systems with 13 mm hardware axis, 20 mm overlap and closed leaf reinforcement.

The other strengths of the 170 R generation with its load-bearing components made from extruded aluminium include simple, rapid installation. In this regard, the producer highlights the uniform drill hole diameter of 5 mm for all fixing screws and pins, as well as the possibility of installing the leaf and frame separately. The 3D adjustment range (±2 mm laterally, +4 / -2 mm height, -0.5 mm gasket compression) simplifies processing in practical applications. The adjustment does not change the appearance of the roller bodies either.

Roto rounds off the product portrait with “key quality features”. According to the manufacturer, PVC bearing bushes with Teflon elements and axis pins from rust-resistant or stainless steel ensure a long service life without requiring any maintenance. The hexalobular socket screw fixing reduces general wear, as it distributes the force across the entire surface instead of concentrating it in certain areas. The higher torque speeds up the mounting process without damaging the inner profile.