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Innovative butt hinges for PVC doors

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT) describes how a key feature of its new butt hinges for PVC doors is a sophisticated and standardised product concept that makes them easy and reliable to process. Thanks to this product concept, the new “218 P”, “318 P”, “222 P” and “322 P” hinges from the “Solid B” range are ideal for door manufacturers who want to offer a wide variety of models to meet their customers’ needs, while offering their staff the highest level of processing reliability and personal responsibility. This is because all versions are processed in the same way, meaning that employees in production soon get used to the routine and reliability.

Slimline appearance without offset outlines

The hardware specialist believes that all versions of the new butt hinges for PVC doors boast technical as well as aesthetic features which make the “Solid B” line – which is now far more extensive – one of the leading ranges on the market. For instance, no gaps are formed between the sash hinge and frame hinge when adjusting the new hinges because the adjustment mechanisms are integrated in the hinge roller. Offset outlines are prevented. The slimline appearance is retained. This is the case for the two- and three-part butt hinges and regardless of whether the version for rebate- or overlap-screwed installation is selected.

Linear adjustment without unhinging

The continuous height, lateral and gasket compression adjustment can be achieved without unhinging the door, while the results can be visually inspected straight away. Linear 3D adjustment makes precise adaptation of the door leaf in the door frame particularly simple. Continuous lateral adjustment is possible in a range of ±3 mm, height adjustment from -2 mm to +4 mm. The gasket compression can be adapted with exceptional flexibility, highlights the producer. It can be adjusted in a range of ±1.5 mm, making installation much simpler. All adjustment work is easy to carry out using a 4 mm hex key.

Uniform design for light and heavy leaves

The uniform design of all hinges opens up the option to tailor the appearance of doors with different weights to a property. Depending on the butt hinge version selected, the number of hinges and the properties of the door profile selected, sash weights of up to 80 kg, 120 kg or even 160 kg are possible. The Roto Door product development team reports that the slimline butt hinges are also ideal for doors with door panels covering the leaf on both sides and help achieve a puristic door design.Doors from burglary protection class RC 2 can be produced with all versions. The certification for SKG** burglary inhibition is in the pipeline.

Best functional safety and surface quality

The Roto Door design team describes how its aim during development was to create a new hinge line to offer manufacturers of PVC doors a complete range combining the best technology and quality. As is typical of Roto, the corrosion protection of the butt hinges conforms to DIN EN 1670 class 5, therefore meeting the most stringent requirements. The 200,000 opening cycles achieved in accordance with DIN EN 1935 confirm the reliable durability of the butt hinges.

Tom Vermeulen, Head of Sales Door & Door Innovation, is happy with the dialogue that took place with door manufacturers about the opportunities that working with this range of butt hinges can open up for them: “Through the focused dedication of our Door designers, we have now been able to close gaps in the ‘Solid B’ range. At the same time, we have created an impressive product concept which reduces the complexity involved in producing PVC main doors. We are certain that the new range of butt hinges offers precisely what’s needed to make production and installation simpler and more reliable.”

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