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Focus on public buildings

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – “Roto designs hardware technology to suit the purposes for which the building was constructed – considering every room – every building element – its ideal function,” explains Eberhard Mammel, Head of Product Adaptation and Product Marketing at Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT). He added that during the BAU 2023 trade fair show, Roto concentrated on demonstrating the tangible added value offered by this approach. “Our exhibits were intended to make this evident to all visitors immediately.” Accordingly, all of the hardware solutions were showcased in typical building elements or specific building and room scenarios.

Optimising rooms

The mock-up hotel at the trade fair stand symbolised the area of public buildings. In these types of buildings, and often to a greater extent than in residential buildings, rooms need to be designed with maximum efficiency of space to ensure that optimal use is made of every square metre. For this reason, sliding windows and sliding doors are now also increasingly being incorporated into schools and hospitals.

Space-saving sliding windows and doors

The “Roto Patio Inowa” sliding hardware enables sliding windows and doors to be produced in virtually any size and with a sash weight of up to 400 kg. The innovative hardware technology means that even large and heavy elements are very easy and convenient to operate. Furthermore, the new robust roller unit with integrated brushes and durable, smooth-running rollers ensures safe weight transfer. Due to rolling friction when the leaf or sash moves transversely, the linear ball bearing of the roller unit offers tangible operating convenience. Moreover, the height adjustment of -1 to +3 mm on the espagnolette side ensures maximum freedom for installation.

In all of the “Inowa” weight classes, the special closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile acts as a basic principle of “smart sliding”. An additional increase in comfort is provided by retrofittable and combinable Soft functions for mechanically controlled, braked opening and closing. Finally, the use of new ball bearing control cams makes a “Patio Inowa” sliding element so convenient to operate that it is well received in buildings beyond hotels.

Also a good design for outward opening doors

Outward opening doors are more frequently used in public buildings than in residential buildings. Manufacturers who equip inward opening aluminium doors with the “Roto Solid C” concealed door hinge only require little additional mounting equipment and another height adjustment module in order to make outward opening doors with virtually the same hinge side. The FixClick function of the “Solid C” hinges is convenient for fitters on the construction site. The reason? Thanks to the audible engagement of the hinges, this function enables doors to be mounted quickly and securely. The height is particularly easy to adjust via a single adjustment point.

One solution for any requirement

Hotels and office buildings often have an aluminium facade. Three special solutions from the Roto Aluvision department were showcased at the “BAU” trade show in Munich and these clearly underlined the construction supplier’s concept for the trade show – that Roto is synonymous with a wealth of expertise in hardware technology, for all frame materials, opening types, rooms and building types.

All of the hardware solutions presented in Munich have been integrated into the “Roto City” online platform. Interested parties are now able to view these solutions virtually and discuss them during a consultation with Roto Sales.