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Roto Solid C | C7.140

Concealed hinge for aluminium entrance doors

  • For entrance doors up to 140 kg
  • In-house developed FixClick function for mounting the sash quickly and securely
  • Quick height adjustment via only one central adjustment point
  • Suitable for burglar inhibiting door equipment as per RC 2
  • For inward and outward opening doors

The concealed door hinge Roto Solid C | C7.140 is suitable for aluminium main entrance doors up to 140 kg sash weight. Even heavy doors can be moved simply and effortlessly.

Roto Solid C

The demands placed on modern main doors are increasing: they elegantly complete the facade and are the gateway to the home. An increasing number of homeowners are opting for large aluminium doors thanks to their modern look, sophisticated appearance and durability.

Roto Solid C meets all these properties. It is also easy to install efficiently and in simple steps.


  • FixClick function minimises the work required when mounting the sash
  • Fast and simple height adjustment using a central adjusting screw
  • Fewer parts required because the left and right sides are symmetrical, resulting in reduced logistics and administrative outlay
  • Sash hinge and frame hinge are packaged separately, reducing the installation time


  • High installation security thanks to the FixClick function with perceptible engagement of the hinges
  • Long service life tested over 400,000 opening cycles based on DIN EN 1191 (for inward opening doors)
  • Maximum long-term functional performance class certified in accordance with DIN EN 1935
  • Corrosion resistance Class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670
  • Can be used in burglar inhibiting doors in accordance with RC 2


  • Concealed position accentuates door design and facade
  • Neutral colours of black/silver suit all main door colours
  • Robust appearance with clear, sleek outlines


  • Requires no maintenance thanks to self-lubricating bush
  • Easy to clean because the mechanics are concealed
  • Uninterrupted gasket level prevents heat loss

Technical data

Frame materialAluminium
Sash weightMax. 140 kg
Door opening angleMax. 110°
  • Laterally adjustable: ±3 mm
  • Height adjustable: +4 / -2 mm
  • Gasket compression adjustable: ±1 mm
CertificationCE-certified according to DIN EN 1935:2002, hinge class 10; QM 343


Roto Solid C | C7.140 Height adjustment module for inward opening doors

Height adjustment module (mandatory accessory)

Fast and simple height adjustment via a single adjustment point.

Roto Solid C | C7.140 Mouting set for outward opening doors

Mounting sets (mandatory accessories)

For mounting Roto Solid C in outward opening doors.

Roto Solid C Hinge tab casing

Hinge tab casing

When inserted in the frame, the hinge tab casing seals the routing in the profile that is required for the frame hinge.

Roto Solid C Locking wedge

Locking wedge

Locking wedge to fix the hinge supports in place. Positions all three hinges at the same angle during Installation.

Roto Solid C combination tool

Combination tool

Combination tool to quickly release the spring clip.


Roto Solid C abounds with innovations which make installing heavy aluminium doors simple.

A particular highlight is the FixClick function developed by Roto. Instead of having to carry out laborious and risky screwdriving work when mounting doors, now all it takes is a single click and the door is fixed in place! This is because the door only needs to engage in the hinges, which have already been installed.

Roto Solid C

Installation video

Roto Solid C

Installation video – Adjustment

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