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Economical production with ready-to-use connecting rods

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Aluminium window manufacturers who work with one of the proven “Roto AL” or “Roto AL Designo” Tilt&Turn hardware product ranges can optimise their production process. The reason? Roto takes charge of processing the connecting rods for them - even with small order volumes. For all orders with a volume of 100 or more windows of the same type, ready-to-use connecting rods up to 3000 long can be ordered with the usual hardware components using the “Roto Con Orders” hardware configurator. They are ready to dispatch within 14 working days.

Minimising sources of error

Economical production is becoming increasingly important for aluminium window manufacturers around the world. Errors in production cost time and money. The Roto delivery service for ready-to-use connecting rods, which has proven successful, helps to avoid errors while boosting process reliability in assembly. Roto takes charge of and is responsible for cropping the connecting rods and producing all punched holes. The costs for this service are worked out before the contracting process and take into consideration the required length of the connecting rods with millimetre precision and the number of punched holes.

Complete service

Ready-to-use connecting rods are very easy to order: simply choose the “ready-to-use connecting rod” option when configuring hardware with “Roto Con Orders”. Then the technical data for that specific order is automatically generated by the system and sent to the Roto Aluvision customer adviser. They provide information about the costs of processing the connecting rods. The delivery documents for the connecting rods are provided with a clear reference to the order. An informative label simplifies assignment to the other hardware components in the order.

Quick and safe to install

The ready-to-use connecting rods can be inserted into the hardware groove of the sash profile without any further processing. This saves time that specialists can use for different tasks. It is possible to produce connecting rods for any application and any resistance class up to RC 3.