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Working together, growing together

The aim was to better support local customers and grow together with Vietnam´s emerging economy. In the 2010s, the market had not yet recovered from the two major crises. Budgets were cut for many construction projects. Due to the long trade tradition and favourable customs duties, it was easy for investors to source building products from China. The market be-came increasingly competitive with numerous competitors from Europe and America.

Nevertheless, the Roto team in Vietnam managed to establish a solid base in terms of technical support and delivery service. In the following years, Roto Vietnam gained a significant market share for high-quality hardware technology and at the same time built up a close relationship with fabricators. The hardware is used in windows and doors made of PVC and aluminium.

Partnership at eye level

A proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” After expanding its business network in 2013, Roto found in ECN a distributor with extensive knowledge of the local market. At that time, ECN had already been in the industry for more than 8 years. The company’s core  discipline: exploring business opportunities, especially in the window industry.

The extensive knowledge of the Vietnamese construction industry contributed significantly to ECN’s successful business development in the construction business.

“Just like Roto, we want to provide window and door customers with durable, reliable solutions. So why not work together and support each other in the best possible way?”

is how the ECN management team describes their motivation for the partnership.

Firmly established in Vietnam

CN has contributed significantly to the rapid development of the Roto brand in Vietnam. Nghia Le describes his company’s mission: “We introduce Roto to architects, developers, fabricators and leading property owners.” In this way, ECN can access more business contacts every year and continue winning direct or indirect customers to use Roto products. In Vietnam, Roto is now established as a high-end brand with effective solutions and pro fessional  services, the ECN Sales Manager summarises his team’s success.

Building hardware technology at your fingertips

It is the positive user experience that defines the value of a product. That is why the first Roto showroom was opened in Hanoi at the beginning of 2019. “Of course, we also want to talk directly to our customers ourselves, learn about their needs and understand what matters most to them. In this way, we can continue to optimise our products and services. Our goal is to make our customers and potential new customers feel safe when using Roto products,” Roto Chief Representative and Regional Manager Phan Hong Duong describes his team’s task. Several marketing campaigns had drawn the attention of homeowners to high-quality building elements in combination with Roto hardware technology. They would either contact Roto directly or pass on their desire for Roto solutions to their contractor.

Shared success firmly in sight

ECN and Roto work side by side for mutual success. Project examples range from the customer hotline to events and workshops with fabricators and architects. The presence in social media also plays an important role in raising awareness, especially in Asia. Here, according to the Chief Representative, Roto has “an impressive number of followers compared to other brands in the same category”. 

Taking on new challenges

Several Covid 19-related lockdowns and home-based policies are among the main factors leading to changing consumer behaviour in Vietnam as well. Phan Hong Duong describes the change:

“As people spend more time at home, they also change their definition of home from a place to live to a place to live, work and relaxation. This results in higher demands on living space.”

Inspiring end consumers

ECN is taking this as an opportunity to further strengthen the distribution of Roto hardware technology. Digital marketing campaigns for hardware systems such as Roto Patio Inowa and Roto Patio Lift have already attracted a considerable number of end users. “Our team and our customers are enthusiastic about the quality of Roto hardware technology, which is clearly different from other products on the market and contributes significantly to feeling good at home. We have received good feedback from our sales representatives across the country,” comments Hoang Tien Manh, ECN General Manager.

“Higher standards, better values”

This ECN slogan explains well what the market needs. “We care about the community in which we live. That is why we not only value good products and business. It is also important to us that we work with trusted partners like Roto, with whom we share a common vision,” says ECN Director Nguyen Trong Dung.

“Golden” future

Currently, Vietnam is in the “golden population structure” phase with around 54 million people of working age. It is characterised by a growing number of wealthy households. ECN and Roto want to raise awareness for quality of life and the value of advanced technology. Both are well received by the young generation in Vietnam.