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Certified quality for reliable glazing

They are perhaps the most underrated components in windows’ entire structure: glazing blocks. As the only connection between the frame and glass edge, they play a pivotal role, as they divert the load of the glass weight into the frame, ensure that the element functions correctly in the long term and hold the glazing securely in place.

Decisive performance factors

The quality of the glazing blocks depends on their construction as well as the quality of the raw materials and production systems used. Inferior synthetic material that is not optimally processed will begin to show signs of wear more quickly. Chemical decomposition processes often occur if the material of the glazing accessories is not compatible with the edge composite sealing compound of the insulating glass. Both of these factors reduce a window’s service life and can cause serious damage. In an increasing number of countries, users are refusing to accept this type of damage without complaint.

The custom solution for every building element

Only glazing blocks from producers who guarantee a consistently high level of quality are able to meet the expectations of a window manufacturer and their customers. Roto Glas-Tec is a particularly extensive range of products and accessories for the safe, correct glazing of windows and balcony doors. The glazing blocks in the range ensure that build- ing elements with different frame designs, glass thicknesses and support conditions function correctly and have a long service life. ift Rosenheim verified the pressure resistance of the entire product range as set down in Technical Guidelines (TR) 3 of the Glazier Trades.

Strong glazing blocks – robust windows

All glazing blocks from the Roto Glas-Tec range are ageing-resistant and temperature-resistant, stable under continuous pressure, compatible with many edge sealing compounds, and impress with a high load-bearing capacity.

Depending on the requirement, Roto recommends glazing blocks with an integrated ventilation channel and different profile leg systems. Glazing blocks overcome the challenges posed by very heavy glass or delicate special glass with a flexible glass supporting surface and, if necessary, an additional stainless-steel insert.

Clampable compensating blocks

Profile-related compensating blocks constitute another element of efficient glazing methods. They create the indispensable base for tested block material, ensure a level supporting surface, help with ventilating the rebate area and with load transfer, and can be clamped in the rebate area. Glazing tools complete the range of accessories.

Test service for material compatibility

Alongside project-specific advice and the highly regarded 32-page reference work entitled “Glazing Guide”, Roto offers users of the Glas-Tec range an important test service: edge composite sealing compounds and laminated safety glass films are tested for their compatibility with certain glazing blocks according to ift regulations in an in-house laboratory. Using incompatible materials may cause damage to window sashes, glazing and sometimes even the entire structure. A test offers protection against liability-relevant risks.

This article was published in Roto Inside 50