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Tilt-Only windows: convenient security

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Regardless of current developments, security in private, commercial and public properties is and will remain an important issue across the board. Users and investors are looking for effective protection against material and immaterial damage, increasingly paired with other factors such as comfort and room climate. This also applies to windows and balcony doors, which are often “vulnerable elements”. A Roto report describes how they were a “high-risk group” for a long time, especially when tilted. The market launch of the “TiltSafe” solution has permanently changed this. It is the result of the internationally successful “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware system and ultimately reflects the growing importance of integrated product ranges in practice. The tangible customer benefits this yields are apparent in many areas.

Good air quality, day and night

With the system, which is suitable for all frame materials (PVC, timber and aluminium), it is possible to achieve burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 even with windows tilted up to 65 mm. Even RC 3 can be achieved when elements are closed. This is ensured by the specially designed “NX” security strikers, which are made from steel. Three of these “TiltSafe” components, paired with mushroom-head cams, drilling protection and a lockable handle, ensure the level of security that is expected nowadays. Added to this is a whole host of further benefits.

In this regard, the manufacturer firstly highlights the increased living comfort achieved by the consistently high air exchange rate. This results in a comfortable room climate at any time of day or night, even when the residents are not at home, without compromising on the efficiency of burglary protection. An important outcome is that you can enjoy sound and healthy sleep, even on the ground floor.

Whole host of benefits

In general, the intelligent “TiltSafe” emphasises the huge variety of applications, versions and equipment offered by the universal “NX” hardware range. It impresses with a whole host of benefits in terms of efficiency, security, comfort and design. It therefore offers market partners at every level the safe investment they need, for example for economical production of high-quality and functional yet visually appealing Tilt&Turn windows.

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