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Representative and high-quality 6-floor office building in an absolute top location in Stuttgart Airport City

Hardware technology:

  • Roto AL Designo


Project data

Stuttgart Airport, Germany
Hascher Jehle Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin, Germany
Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH
Type of building
Office building
Building height
6 floors
Systems and profiles
Hueck GmbH & Co. KG
Frame material

Roto solution

Roto AL Designo

Roto AL Designo

Concealed hardware for aesthetic aluminium windows and balcony doors

Requirements: 1,300 sets; dimensions: 365 x 2,700 / 3,500 mm; weight: approx. 75 – 100 kg; limited opening angle.

Solution: Roto AL Designo; special rebate-hinge-arm for a hinge side locking, for permanent tighty windows; special opening restrictor: limits the opnening angle of the surface low windows according to the constructional requirements.

Your contact for customised aluminium solutions

Roto Object Business

Certainty in planning and implementing customised aluminium solutions

Technically and aesthetically demanding project implementation requires innovative window and facade element solutions. For particularly large, energy efficient aluminium windows and doors, for which standard components do not fit, we develop economically viable and tailored solutions.

The Roto Object Business experts are your reliable partners for projectspecific window and door technology inquiries. We provide you with customised hardware solutions tailored to your individual requirements with which to implement your ideas.

Roto Object Business