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High-performance concepts for ventilation flaps

Turn opening or parallel opening

Ventilation flaps are mainly in demand for sash widths of between 170 mm and 300 mm – an extremely limited installation space for the hardware with its often complex functions. Concealed hardware is often also requested.

In the photo on the right: Safe living and ventilation in the Marienturm in Frankfurt/Main. The ventilation flaps can be opened by any room user. However, the Turn-Only windows are equipped with plugged escutcheon covers and can only be opened by authorised persons.

Hardware technology

  • Roto AL Designo
  • Roto PS Aintree

Source: Roto Inside, issue 45, August 2020
Picture: © Pecan Development GmbH


Roto solution

Roto AL Designo

Roto AL Designo

Concealed hardware for aesthetic aluminium windows and balcony doors

Requirements: 4,200 sets; Sash dimensions: 825 x 2,735 mm to 905 x 3,555 mm; Sash weight: 125 – 180 kg; Turn-Only as maintenance windows.

Solution: Roto AL Designo with different hardware configurations as object release; High sound insulation and tightness due to active locking all round; High operating comfort and safe function.

Roto PS Aintree

Roto PS Aintree

Parallel stainless-steel stays for outward opening windows

Requirements: 1,675 sets; Sash dimensions: 120 x 1,500 mm; Sash weight: 40 kg; Ventilation flap.

Solution: Roto PS Aintree; Special construction of a combination of parallel shears (Roto PS Aintree) and Roto AL with special corner drive; High sound insulation and tightness due to active locking all round; High operating comfort and safe function.

Your contact for customised aluminium solutions

Roto Object Business

Certainty in planning and implementing customised aluminium solutions

Technically and aesthetically demanding project implementation requires innovative window and facade element solutions. For particularly large, energy efficient aluminium windows and doors, for which standard components do not fit, we develop economically viable and tailored solutions.

The Roto Object Business experts are your reliable partners for projectspecific window and door technology inquiries. We provide you with customised hardware solutions tailored to your individual requirements with which to implement your ideas.

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