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Buggi 52

Germany's first FSC-certified building in Freiburg

"Timber construction comes to the city". Under this motto, an eight-floor residential and commercial building with a supermarket, day-care centre and 30 residential units was built in Freiburg at Bugginger Straße 52. The seven floors on top of the supermarket on the ground floor, as well as the lift shaft, the staircase and the outer façade, are completely made of timber.

The building meets the highest environmental and ecological standards and is the first FSC-certified building in Germany. Thus, the project is considered forward-looking from a structural, ecological and social point of view.

Hardware technology:

  • Roto NT

Project data

Freiburg, Germany
Weissenrieder Architekten BDA, Freiburg, Deutschland
Project developer
Sutter³ GmbH & Co.
IG Klösterle
Roto customer
Gregor Lauber Fensterbau GmbH, Singen, Deutschland
Type of building
Residential and commercial building
Building height
25 m (8 floors)
Timber construction
Holzbau Bruno Kaiser
Frame material

Roto solution

Roto NT timber

Roto NT

The world's biggest selling Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors

Installation: 140 sets Roto NT hinge side E5.