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“Roto NX” for all frame materials

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie is launching a new rebate corner hinge for aluminium profiles with a 16 mm Euro-groove for the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware. According to the manufacturer, the standout feature of the new “Roto NX | A16” hinge side is the incredibly wide application range. Versions are available for standard windows, round windows and pitched windows, as well as for balcony doors with and without a threshold. The rate of identical components used for multiple applications in the “Roto NX” hardware system is high. Manufacturers who work with more than one frame material benefit from being able to use many components, like the pivot rests, for both PVC and aluminium. Some components, like the integrated night ventilation, are identical for all frame materials. This reduces the cost and complexity of storage, while increasing the processing reliability.

Flexible and efficient production

As global market leader for Tilt&Turn hardware, Roto ensures that window manufacturers are best-placed to meet the customer requirements that apply in their market for windows made from any frame material. The manufacturer describes how the recent expansion of the product range has shown once again just how well equipped “Roto NX” is for future demands at international level. Whether it’s large window formats, high sash weights, round or pitched windows – with “Roto NX”, production is flexible and economical no matter the frame material. It also meets the requirements of RC 2 and RC 3 and is suitable for automated assembly lines. Regardless of the frame material used to produce an element with the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware – the design of the surface-mounted hinge side stays the same. This means that the hardware system meets the highest of aesthetic demands. There is a selection of attractive surfaces and colours for all visible components.

Top performance in durability and corrosion protection

The new rebate corner hinges for aluminium profiles with a 16 mm Euro-groove give window elements a high degree of functional safety. An integrated bearing bush, among other features, ensures durability. It prevents friction, and therefore wear, between the hinge roller and pivot bolt of the pivot rest.

The durability properties of “Roto NX | A16” were tested on sashes with a height of up to 2800 mm and a weight of up to 150 kg. All elements passed the class H3 tests in accordance with DIN EN 13126-8 (20,000 cycles). The corrosion resistance of all components corresponds to class 5, the highest class from DIN EN 1670. An aluminium element with a width of 900 mm, height of 2300 mm and weight of 150 kg was certified in accordance with QM 328.

Possibility of automated installation

Like many other components from the “Roto NX” modular hardware system, the new rebate corner hinge was also developed so that the hinge side is suitable for manual installation and processing on automated assembly lines alike. The drilling positions of the stay bearing and pivot rest in the aluminium profile are identical to those for window elements with a PVC profile up to a sash weight of 130 kg. This helps ensure efficient production, even when the material is changed.

An optional extension which can be used to relocate the fixing screws for the new rebate corner hinge provides increased flexibility when producing aluminium windows. It also allows the hinges to be equipped with an opening restrictor – a request often received by aluminium window manufacturers.

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