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Roto hardware technology for homes

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – People want to feel protected and safe in their own home. Protected against break-ins but also safe in the knowledge that children or people requiring care in the home will not be exposed to risks. At BAU 2023, Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie (Roto FTT) showcased hardware solutions which make windows and doors in residential buildings much more secure without compromising on design. After all, it goes without saying that hardware in homes also has to meet the occupant’ requirements for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Versatile technology, attractive appearance

The material, shaping and colour of the window profile, as well as the form and surface of handles and surface-mounted hinges, impact the appearance of building elements. By choosing “Roto NX”, window manufacturers get Tilt&Turn hardware that also offers their customers various options for added technical value in addition to a subtle and contemporary hardware design. Window exhibits with “TiltSafe” and “TiltFirst” technology proved this in Munich.

Burglar inhibiting tilt ventilation

You can sleep soundly even when your windows on the ground floor are tilted: a window equipped with the “Roto NX | TiltSafe“ hardware gives you the security you need. The reason? This window offers burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2, even when the sash is tilted. The property is further protected, for example, by wired contact elements which monitor the locking status of the window and report any status change to the central unit of the activated alarm system. Mechanical and electronic components for greater burglary protection – this is also what Roto represents.

Control and monitor access

“Roto NX | TiltFirst” protects children and other people in need of protection against risks that could be posed by a window that is open wide or one that slams shut after being tilted. The intelligent “tilt before turn” protective mechanism blocks complete opening of the window when the window handle is locked. At the same time, the tilted sash is stopped in the horizontal handle position. In Munich, Roto showcased a “TiltFirst” window equipped with “Com-Tec” sensors. They monitor the building element and report any break-in attempts or tampering to the Smart Home central unit.

Flexibly meeting customers’ needs

Eberhard Mammel, Head of Product Adaptation and Product Marketing at Roto FTT, explains the principle behind the development of the innovative hardware product range: “The modular ‘Roto NX’ Tilt&Turn hardware system enables our customers to equip their windows to meet any room-specific functional requirement.” The trade fair presentations were designed to demonstrate this exact variety of options, among other benefits.

Slim hinges for secure external doors

The door hinges from the “Roto Solid B” range also impress with their slimline design and high-quality surfaces. They are available for doors made from PVC, timber or aluminium. When adjusting the door after installation, no dreaded gaps are formed and no lateral offset occurs either, as the adjustment mechanism is integrated into the hinge roller. The slimline design is therefore reliably retained.

Two- and three-part butt hinges are available with various different surfaces and in a range of colours. This makes “Solid B” door hinges a popular choice for external doors, as they blend in seamlessly. Depending on the butt hinge version selected, the number of hinges and the properties of the door profile selected, sash weights of up to 160 kg are possible.

Doors from burglary protection class RC 2 can be produced with all hinge versions. The certification for SKG** burglary inhibition is in the pipeline. Mammel underlines that this makes the “Solid B” door hinges a good example of products which meet burglary protection requirements without compromising on design. “Mechanical burglary protection thanks to modern multipoint locks and premium door hinges – Roto offers everything that manufacturers need to adapt the functions of timber, PVC or aluminium external doors to a building’s requirements in the best possible way.”

Locked without a key

The new “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” automatic lock for doors made from any frame material with a sash rebate height of up to 3000 mm was showcased at BAU for the first time. The door lock is suitable for RC 2 and RC 3 and has three security locking points, even in the standard version. The deadbolt in the main lock and the automatic power wedges extend simultaneously. They are immediately push-back safeguarded. This is why full insurance cover applies even if a door is “just slammed shut”. “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” was the first locking system on the market to be certified in accordance with the latest version of prEN 15685:2019.

More identical parts

The modular design of the “Roto Safe” portfolio and the standardised patterns of all locks in the product line reduce the complexity of the range and of stock-keeping at the fabricator. The frame components tailored to the geometries of many profiles are also compatible with the recently launched multipoint lock. This means that door manufacturers can combine the frame components, which are always the same, with one of the various locking systems from Roto in a flexible way to meet specific customer requirements.

All of the hardware solutions presented in Munich have been integrated into the “Roto City” online platform. Interested parties are now able to view these solutions virtually and discuss them during a consultation with Roto Sales.