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“Roto FS Kempton” friction stays tested in accordance with global standards

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT) reports that friction stays from the“FS Kempton” range play an important role in ensuring operating convenience and security in windows made from any frame material. This has also been proved by tests performed by independent institutes in accordance with global standards. As the manufacturer reports, the current product range has recently been added to the “AAMA Verified Component List”. This list is published by the American “Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance” (FIGA) as part of its certification programme.

Globally recognised quality

The quality of the hardware has already been verified in Europe and China. According to the test results, “FS Kempton” friction stays fulfil the most stringent requirements in accordance with European standards DIN EN 13126-6 and DIN EN 1670, as well as JG/T 127 (China). Since it has now been proved that they also comply with American standard AAMA 904, they have been added to the “AAMA Verified Component List”.

Product Manager Matthias Kosog explains that this makes the friction stays another example of the excellent performance of Roto FTT in the Outward Opening product segment. By combining these friction stays with one of the various locking solutions from the Roto range, window manufacturers could offer complete hardware solutions with a consistently high quality, which would be fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. The friction stays and Roto locking solutions are available for all common profile systems and materials.

Suitable for all standard sash widths and heights

Kosog explains that, thanks to particularly careful grading, the “FS Kempton” range covers the entire spectrum of sash widths and heights in which Top-Hung and Side-Hung windows are typically produced without any gaps. Choosing the compatible friction stay is easy, as the assignment to the sash dimensions is clear. All scissor stays are marked so that they can be clearly identified at all times during window production and maintenance.

Comfort, even with heavy sashes

The range also makes it possible to produce user-friendly windows, even for heavy glazing. The opening movement always stays harmonious until the sash reaches its final position. Details such as optimised run-up blocks, upstands and adapted kinematics make the “FS Kempton” friction stays easy to install and operate.

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