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Naturally beautiful and secure with “Roto NX | Power Hinge”

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Timber construction material and its natural beauty are now more popular than ever. The same is true of large windows. With the “Roto NX | Power Hinge” hinge side, Roto ensures security and long-lasting quality. The hinge side can be used on Tilt&Turn windows with a sash weight of up to 200 kg and on Turn-Only windows with a sash weight of up to 300 kg.

Large Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn windows made from timber and timber windows with aluminium facing formwork demand a great deal from hardware. A sash weighing 200 or 300 kg needs heavy-duty hardware with hinges designed to match. Depending on the location of the sash centre of mass, another challenge might present itself: Tilt&Turn windows and balcony doors may close inadvertently if their centre of mass is more than 33 mm above the sash overlap.

Anti-slam device for retrofitting

Especially in public buildings like schools, nurseries and hotels, timber windows are often preferred in view of their sustainability credentials and natural look. However, unintentional slamming of windows, for example due to a gust of wind, should be prevented at all costs.

This is why Roto offers in addition with “Roto NX | Power Hinge” an anti-slam device for use. It secures the sash in the tilt position and can also be retrofitted if required. A special drilling jig is available to process it. The anti-slam device is designed for Tilt&Turn sashes with an enhanced opening width of 80 mm.

Clever design, modern look

“Roto NX | Power Hinge” limits the tilt depth to 80 mm, as beyond this distance, it would be disproportionately difficult to close very tall or heavy windows. From a sash weight of 200 kg and above, a central hinge is added to the hardware. P and V cams are available for producing burglar inhibiting windows and balcony doors.

The design of the robust hinge side impresses with its premium appearance. The hinge side is produced with a silver powder-coated surface as standard. However, it can also be delivered in a RAL colour of the customer’s choice.

Best quality guaranteed

“Roto NX | Power Hinge” was tested with Tilt&Turn sashes up to 200 kg and Turn-Only sashes up to 300 kg in accordance with EN 13126-8:2017. The hinge side passed the durability test in accordance with class H3 with 20,000 cycles. As per its QM 328 certification, the hardware can be used for sashes with a rebate width up to max. 1600 mm and a rebate height of max. 3000 mm.

Tilt before turn

A TiltFirst version of “Roto NX | Power Hinge” is also available. This “tilt before turn” opening version has proven its worth many times over, especially in public buildings and where there are particular requirements to protect the users of the window, such as in authorities, hotels, schools, nurseries or retirement homes.

The architectural hardware specialist expects the demand for the “Power Hinge” hinge side from the “Roto NX” modular hardware system to grow considerably. The manufacturer believes this demand stems from the need to rethink operating safety for very large timber windows and balcony doors with triple glazing and, in some cases, with aluminium facing formwork, in addition to the benefit of letting a lot of natural light in. Detailed information is available at

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