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Increased transport capacity, reusable and recyclable: new stackable transport packaging

Reusable many times over

Our new stackable transport packaging has the structure of a sales pallet, made up of a lid and a lower section with internal dimensions of 1170 mm (width), 770 mm (depth) and 300 mm (height). The transport packaging is secured on a Euro pallet or single-use pallet using four staples. Both the lower section and the lid can be reused and recycled.

An array of different advantages

The benefits that this transport packaging offers customers and the architectural hardware manufacturer itself speak for themselves: reduced logistics expenditure and greater sustainability. The transport packaging’s new dimensions have increased its capacity by around 20%. This greater filling capacity means fewer internal trips within the assembly areas, reduces the overall space needed for temporarily storing the goods and making them available, and requires less storage space in the block warehouse and high-bay shelving. There are fewer pallets in the storage area, meaning that fewer goods need to be put into and taken out of storage. Thanks to the reduced overall height of the new transport packaging, it is easier to take off the high-bay racks. The outer packaging and lid are made from sturdy cardboard which effectively protects the goods against damage and dirt during transport and storage. The goods and box are designed to perfectly fit each other, allowing the parts to be ergonomically removed from the transport packaging.

Environmentally friendly

We obtain our transport packaging locally. The improved quality of the cardboard makes the packaging suitable for reuse. Customers can continue to use the transport packaging, return it to us, or recycle it. The strength of the cardboard does away with the need for timber supports in the outer packaging, reducing the amount of material to be recycled. The transport packaging has a greater capacity and can be reused, reducing the overall demand for packaging material. The packaging’s increased capacity also means that fewer trips are needed.

In the context of the sustainability efforts throughout the entire Roto Group, the new transport packaging is one of many measures being implemented. For more information here.