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Impressive performance of Roto Door product technology is recognised

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – The German Zinc Initiative (Initiative Zink), established in 1999, presents the Zinc Die-Cast Award in six categories every two years. On 16th May of this year, the automatic power wedge in the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic multipoint lock came out on top in the Security & Locking Technology category.

This cast component , the Roto automatic power wedge, is set apart by its design and construction consisting of a combination of materials – an insert part made from carbonitrided steel and zinc die-cast.


The fact that steel machining is often uneconomical is compensated for by the zinc die-cast encapsulation. This strikes the perfect balance between the strengths of steel and zinc die-cast. At the same time, the use of the ZP0410 alloy (ZAMAK5) achieves excellent corrosion resistance. 

The automatic power wedge is part of the additional locks in the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic multipoint lock. With this door lock, main doors can be locked automatically without using a key. The door lock is available for many common profile systems made from any frame material with a backset from 35 to 80  mm.

In combination with the Tandeo Upgrade-Kit as an additional drive unit, the main door can be conveniently opened electromechanically, even without a key. The Upgrade-Kit is installed during door production. 

RC 2 and RC 3

The automatic power wedge is used at the top and bottom of the door rebate and offers the very highest level of security. The strength of the automatic power wedge is fundamental to ensuring that the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” multipoint lock can withstand attempted break-ins according to resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3 as per EN 1627.

The automatic power wedge is produced by Roto Frank Austria GmbH in Kalsdorf, one of a total of 18 production plants operated by Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH. Around 80% of the Roto door locks sold worldwide are produced in Kalsdorf.

Network dedicated to zinc

As a high-performance material, zinc not only offers advantages due to its mechanical and technical properties, it also boasts an outstanding environmental and energy footprint and can be reused after its utilisation phase, making it a material with added benefits. 

The Zinc Initiative (, based in Düsseldorf, brings together manufacturers and fabricators, as well as suppliers and recyclers. It provides architects, civil engineers and tradespeople with assistance in matters relating to design and corrosion protection. When it comes to zinc die-cast, planners and designers can work with experienced manufacturers as early as in the prototype phase in order to save time and resources. The Initiative also serves as an expert point of contact for authorities and institutions for all issues concerning the environment and resource efficiency.