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For increased security: “Roto NX | TiltFirst”

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – With the “Roto NX” hardware product range, Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH, the global market leader for Tilt&Turn hardware, offers the possibility of adapting windows to changing requirements, even after installation. For example, if the way in which a room or building is used means that, in future, a window is to be prevented from being fully opened by specific groups of people for safety reasons, a window equipped with “Roto NX” can be converted to “TiltFirst” technology without any hassle. This lockable Tilt-Before-Turn hardware blocks the window from being switched from tilting to turning. This greatly increases the level of protection offered by the window.

Minimising risks and damage

If the window handle on the “Roto NX | TiltFirst” hardware is closed, every user can open the window for tilt ventilation but they cannot open the sash fully. This means that people are better protected against the risk of falling from a window, whether in public buildings or in private homes. The sash can be opened fully at any time using the compatible key for cleaning or rescue purposes.

“TiltFirst” is also the smart choice when rooms are filled with furniture and used right up to the windows. Whether it’s pupils in a classroom or computer screens on desks, the hardware protects against the consequences of a window sash suddenly swinging open.

Whether a nursery or an individual child’s room, a hotel or an office – it is useful and advisable to switch to “Roto NX | TiltFirst” technology for many public and private spaces.

Conversion made easy

Just a few hardware components need to be replaced in order to convert a Tilt&Turn window with “Roto NX” hardware. The window handle and the stay arm are easy to replace, as is the standard tilt striker, which is exchanged for a “TiltFirst” tilt striker. A window manufacturer or specialist service company can complete this in no time at all.

Likewise, windows equipped with “Roto NX | TiltFirst” ex works can be converted back to the standard Tilt&Turn operating function by replacing the aforementioned components. In doing so, Roto ensures that elements can be flexibly adapted to meet the changing requirements of building and room users throughout the window’s entire service life.

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