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Update to the concealed door hinge

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Aesthetics and durability are two of the main reasons behind the continually growing demand for aluminium main doors and apartment doors. As essential components in the entire structure, not only do quality hinges have to satisfy these criteria, they also have to offer impressive functionality and ease of processing. The producer explains that the “Roto Solid C” concealed range for inward and outward opening doors up to 140 kg meets all of the required specifications in practice. A new height adjustment module for inward opening doors is further proof of this.

In general, the component acts as a central element for adjusting the height of the door rapidly and simply. Without this component, the height would usually have to be adjusted separately on each hinge. The adjustment range is between +4 and -2 mm.

The look of the latest version of the module is tailored to the frame hinge and therefore blends even more seamlessly into the overall appearance of the door. The fact that the module is available in black and silver, to match the frame and sash hinges, is also a factor here.

Roto’s consistent efforts to make products easier to process and install has once again led to tangible results. For instance, with the aluminium profile you now only need one Ø 16 mm drill hole instead of complete routing for the module. The fact that the component is preassembled also means that, in future, only two screws, which are included in the scope of delivery, need to be installed and screwed into the profile. The number of single components is ultimately reduced, as the direct fixing screw and cover are no longer required. This ensures convenient ordering handling and management.

The latest update will not change anything about the familiar positives of “Solid C”. As the window and door technology specialist explains, these include the “FixClick” function for mounting the sash rapidly and securely, the service life tested over 400,000 opening cycles based on DIN EN 1191, the long-term functional performance class certified in accordance with DIN EN 1935, the high corrosion resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1670 class 5 and the suitability for burglar inhibiting RC 2 doors.