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“Roto Patio Lift” now also available for PVC Lift&Slide systems

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Space-savingLift&Slide systems are a classic building element and are available in many different formats. To ensure efficient production processes, manufacturers prefer to use hardware that is simple and safe to install. The quality of the roller unit technology and the variety of the hardware product range are also focal areas, reports Roto. This is why aluminium window manufacturers worldwide hold the “Patio Lift” Lift&Slide hardware in such high regard. It is now also available for PVC window manufacturers to use in a wide variety of applications.

For standard and Slim profiles

Two years ago, Roto extended the “Patio Lift” Lift&Slide hardware so that it could also be used to produce systems made up of Slim profiles thanks to the minimal installation depth of all components. The product range includes versions for aluminium and PVC profiles with groove widths of 16, 18 and 22 mm. For this reason, and because of its compatibility with sash weights of up to 400 kg, “Patio Lift” is now one of the most versatile Lift&Slide hardware product ranges on the market, explains Roto.

Best smooth running even with a 400 kg sash weight

“Patio Lift” is suitable for systems with a sash width of up to 3000 mm and a sash height of up to 3100 mm. According to the manufacturer, the hardware impresses with its particularly smooth running and ease of operation even in XL formats and with high sash weights. This can be attributed to features such as stainless-steel roller unit components and ball bearing rollers made from innovative, especially high-quality PVC. Both of these factors make the roller unit technology and the hardware as a whole especially robust and durable.

New: the 2-in-1 roller unit

The new 2-in-1 roller unit in the standard versions of “Patio Lift” for sashes weighing up to 300 and 400 kg saves time in production. Now round connecting rods and not just flat ones can also be mounted directly on it without the need for an adapter. The Lift&Slide hardware can therefore be installed without any additional effort, regardless of the type of connecting rod.

Visually appealing

The “DesignLocking” espagnolette which is optionally available for “Patio Lift” emphasises the premium appearance and improves the comfort of a Lift&Slide system, underlines the producer. The locking cam is located on the espagnolette side and does not protrude into the access area. Additional striker versions have now been added to the product range and are integrated in the frame for a flush, attractive appearance.

Extensive range of accessories

By integrating optional components from the extensive “Patio Lift” product range, Lift&Slide systems can be precisely tailored to the customers’ requests and needs. Simply using drilling protection, an anti-jemmy device and a lockable handle makes this hardware compatible with RC 2. The door espagnolettes are prepared for mounting profile cylinders as standard.

A locking pin for night ventilation makes it possible to ventilate the room without draughts. Dampers already integrated in the espagnolette as standard offer protection in the event of rebound of the handle and ensure greater safety when operating heavy sashes. At the same time, they improve ease of assembly in production.

Corrosion protection class 5 and higher

The architectural hardware specialist underlines that “Patio Lift” boasts impressive product quality even in the standard version. The hardware complies with corrosion protection class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670 and achieves durability class H3 in accordance with EN 13126-16.

“Stainless steel Plus” roller units are available for regions with more stringent corrosion protection requirements. They are intended to ensure that the system functions correctly for many years, for example in coastal areas. Roto reports that a salt spray test over 1000 hours has emphatically verified the high quality of these roller units.

Uniform design in all rooms

If uniform design is important to a customer, the manufacturer recommends using the “Roto Line” range of handles. The “Patio Lift” modular system also includes recessed grips tailored to the design of this line and large handles for conveniently operating even very tall and wide elements.

Fabian Maier, Head of Product Launches at Roto Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (FTT) and responsible for the market launch of the latest innovations in the “Patio Lift” product range, emphasises that “the ‘Patio Lift’ Lift&Slide system is now even more versatile for use in a wider variety of applications. Whether the systems are slimline and lightweight or wide, tall and heavy, whether the profiles are standard or Slim, made from aluminium or PVC – ‘Patio Lift’ brings operating convenience, an attractive design and security into every home.”