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Roto TSL

Twin-cam security locking for outward opening windows

  • Extremely effective burglary protection thanks to reverse-action twin cams
  • Application ranges from 305 up to 1600 mm

The Roto Twin-Cam Security Lock (TSL) security handle for outward opening windows made from timber and PVC is characterised by extremely effective burglary protection. Due to its compact product design, Roto TSL is suitable for a wide range of profile systems.


The one-piece espagnolette thereby contains up to four pairs of dual reverse-action locking points. When the handle is turned, the Roto TSL gearbox drives each pair of cams into double sided strikers from opposite directions.This ensures maximum burglary protection defined in PAS 24:2012 (based on BS 7950:1997).
In addition, the twin cams’ strikers are fixed to the profile with two screws, which prevent the former from twisting, even in the event that a great force is applied.

The outward opening specific, excentric cam design not only increases burglar-resistant security, it also provides greater gasket compression.

In connection with a left-right or two-way striker, the Roto TSL security espagnolette also has an integrated night ventilation function.

Technical data

Application range
305 – 1600 mm
20 and 22 mm
Mounting groove
Standard and shallow Euro-grooves
PAS 24
Adjustment possibilities
Gasket compression: +/- 1 mm

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