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Roto Safe H | Fasteo

French-style locking

  • Outstanding operational reliability
  • Certified durability
  • Maximum security
  • Simple and rapid installation

With Roto Safe H | Fasteo, we are offering our customers an automatic-mechanical multpoint locking system certified for PVC and timber doors weighing up to 100 kg, which focuses on durability and operational reliability and enables simple and efficient installation.
The handles can be turned 90°, making it possible to open a window in the door panel. The multipoint locks are also available with mechanical locking.

Outstanding operational reliability

The Roto Safe H | Fasteo locks lock automatically when the door is closed thanks to a guide block, and they are blocked via the cylinder with just one turn of the key. This means that there is no risk of the door deforming and it remains tightly sealed at all times.

The guide block absorbs increased lateral and vertical tolerances and is triggered no matter what position it is in.

A built-in damper protects the lock casing mechanism. In this way, the service life of the lock is extended while the cost of complaints is reduced.


Roto Safe H | Fasteo makes it possible to achieve different levels of security. Customers can choose from three different locking types depending on their needs.

  • Four E cams for basic security
  • Four adjustable mushroom-head V cams for improved security
  • Two V cams and two power wedges for the highest possible level of security

Profitability / installation

  • With the 10 mm bolt, no routing is required on the frame.
  • For the versions with E and V cams, it is possible to use strikers from the Roto NT product range.
  • The latch can be reversed easily, when installed, from the faceplate side.

Thanks to all these elements, the Roto Safe H | Fasteo multipoint locks are especially easy to install.


  • The Roto Safe H | Fasteo locks are tested and certified in accordance with the EN 15685 standard, up to 100,000 cycles and a door weight of 100 kg.

Technical data

Sash weight
Max. 100 kg
35, 40, 45 mm
Sash rebate height
Min. 1650 mm, max. 2400 mm
70 mm
RC 1 – 2

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