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Roto Safe E | Eneo A

Electromechanical multipoint lockings for doors

  • Automatic and secure locking without using the key
  • Three automatically extending security locking points for increased burglary inhibition (RC 2 / RC 3)
  • Quiet and powerful motor for effortlessly opening the door
  • Very short unlocking time
  • Drive unit preassembled as Eneo A for maximum comfort, can be retrofitted as the Tandeo Upgrade-Kit for maximum flexibility

Roto Safe E | Eneo A is the electromechanical multipoint locking system where the advantages of mechanical-automatic locking are combined with the convenience of motor-powered unlocking using access control systems. A radio receiver can be integrated in the motor as an option.

Roto Safe A | Tandeo and Roto Safe E | Eneo A: The perfect combination of comfort and security

The Roto Safe E | Eneo A lock locks the door mechanically-automatically, in other words the three locking components extend automatically as soon as the door engages in the lock. Even without using the key, the lock is considered to be locked from an insurance point of view thanks to the VdS-certified security.

Using the quiet, powerful drive unit, doors can also be unlocked by means of a motor – for opening the door effortlessly.

The electromechanical multipoint locking is available in an Eneo AF version, which is certified in accordance with DIN EN 179.


  • Quiet and powerful motor for effortless opening
  • Very short unlocking time
  • Plug&Play connection for simple and error-free installation


  • Three security locking points extend automatically for increased burglary inhibition (RC 2 / RC 3) 
  • Deadbolt in the main lock extends automatically
  • VdS-certified burglary inhibition (in the pipeline)
  • Automatic power wedges and deadbolts are push-back safeguarded without using the key


  • Profile-related frame components from the Roto Safe standard range for efficient installation and reduced storage requirements
  • Latches can be turned around when installed for simple installation
  • Standardised locking patterns for reduced logistics and installation effort
  • Eneo Control Unit for simple functional testing
  • There is the option to order the drive unit separately as an Upgrade-Kit and to retrofit the Tandeo lock.


  • Door designs up to 2400 mm for freedom of design
  • Durable and scratch-resistant surfaces for a high-quality appearance in the long term
  • Backsets from 35 to 80 mm for a high level of flexibility


  • Certified in accordance with prEN 15685:2019 (durability, corrosion resistance, usability)
  • Certified continuous operation characteristics in accordance with DIN EN 1191 (200,000 cycles) for permanent functional safety

Technical data

35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 65, 80 mm
Sash rebate height
1500 – 2400 mm
92 mm
Faceplate variants
F16, F20, R20, F24, U6x24
VdS certification in the pipeline, RC 2 and RC 3


Roto Safe frame components

Frame components (mandatory accessories)

Frame components ensure that the door is closed effortlessly and tightly. The profile-related strikers and striker strips from the Roto Safe standard range are adapted to the specific profile geometry.

Roto Safe lever-operated espagnolette

Lever-operated espagnolette

The lever-operated espagnolette for double-leaved doors made from PVC and timber boasts a laterally guided lever which does away with the need for routing. Sizes of up to 3000 mm can be realised. Standardised locking patterns minimise storage requirements.

Roto Safe E 4in1 access control system

4in1 access control system

The 4in1 access control system enables the door to be opened conveniently using a PIN code, fingerprint, Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone or an RFID-compatible medium. With the intuitive app, users can be created and individual access authorisations can be assigned permanently or temporarily.

Roto Safe E hand-held transmitter

Hand-held transmitter

If a radio receiver is integrated in the drive of Roto Safe E | Eneo A, the hand-held transmitter, with its range of up to 10 m, can conveniently open the door remotely. The 64-bit encoding with a rolling code system provides the requisite security. With protective cap.

Roto Safe E finger scan

Finger scan

The finger scan makes it possible to open electromechanical locks using a fingerprint. The LED lighting ensures simple operation, even when it is dark. The access control system meets the highest security standards and also responds to children’s fingers.

Roto Safe E cable junctions

Cable junctions

The patented cable junctions provide a permanently reliable connection and power supply between the leaf and frame.

Roto Safe profile cylinder

Profile cylinder

Cylinder in accordance with DIN EN 1303 (class 6 locking security). Drilling protection as standard and six-pin system with 240,000 combinations.

Roto Safe knob cylinder

Knob cylinder

Cylinder in accordance with DIN EN 1303 (class 6 locking security). Drilling protection as standard and six-pin system with 240,000 combinations.

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