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Roto Patio Life

Comfort hardware for large sliding door

  • Comfortable and intuitive operation of large and heavy sliding doors up to 400 kg
  • Energy-efficient enhanced threshold
  • High impermeability due to circumferential gasket
  • Protection against burglary according to RC 2 / RC 2N
  • Secured night ventilation that cannot be seen from outside with the door completely locked

With the innovative "Lift&Slide" hardware system Roto Patio Life for timber profiles, large and heavy balcony doors with a sash weight of up to 400 kg can be operated particularly easily and comfortably across a total frame width of up to 6.5 m.

The sliding hardware eliminates the need to lift the entire door leaf, since during operation only the horizontal gaskets are lifted – and really simply just using the handle.
With this refined technology, we meet all the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 13126-16 for Lift&Slide hardware and are way ahead of the competition in terms of ease of use.


The stand-out convenience feature of this system is the comfortable operation by raising the horizontal seals.

It couldn't be more convenient!

A further highlight is the secured yet concealed night ventilation: turning the handle 180° upwards opens only the upper seal, allowing simple yet efficient ventilation that's not visible from outside – the sliding doors remain fully locked.

Further comfort features:

  • Standard integrated enhanced threshold with a replaceable aluminium cover
  • The logical and intuitive handle movement means that mishandling and operating errors are not possible.
  • The handle's locked position ("downwards") is the same as on standard Tilt&Turn windows.

Energy efficiency

An innovative sealing concept and a standard integrated enhanced threshold reliably provide optimum sealing properties. This enables a significant reduction in energy consumption.

  • All-round seals for maximum impermeability values among comparable systems:
    - Impermeability against driving rain DIN EN 1026/12207: Grade 9A
    - Air permeability: DIN EN 1027/12208: Grade 4
  • The enhanced threshold with a special mix of thermally insulating materials provides optimum isothermal efficiency and prevents cold bridges and condensation.
  • The most stringent impermeability and thermal insulation requirements are fulfilled despite the low threshold.


Roto Patio Life has RC 2 security status as standard. This is ensured by the espagnolette, which features up to four mushroom cams, and special locking components in the centre part: the “centre closers”.

The sliding doors also remain completely locked with the concealed night ventilation feature, as the striker pins with the mushroom-head security cam are anchored securely in the security striker.

Technical data

Sash rebate width
760 – 3235 mm
Sash rebate height
690 – 2670 mm
Sash weight
max. 400 kg
Frame external width
max. 6500 mm
RC 2 / RC 2N as standard, even with concealed night ventilation
A, C, D, F, G, K

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