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Roto Patio Fold

Premium hardware for Fold&Slide systems with a large surface

  • Full opening width gives a generous access
  • Total frame width of up to 6 m
  • Energy-efficient comfort threshold
  • Optimised roller units on ball bearings, with quiet rollers made of PVC for more comfort and durability

Roto Patio Fold allows you to open large Fold&Slide systems for timber, PVC and aluminium profiles up to sash weights of 100 kg. All door elements can be folded to save space and can be pushed to the side over a total frame width of up to 6 m.

Roto Patio Fold&Slide doors give you generous access to terraces, conservatories, conference rooms, guest rooms or business rooms, besides being equally suited to use as room dividers. Besides hotels and catering establishments, Fold&Slide systems are also being increasingly used in private home building.

Comfort and flexibility

Roto Patio Fold makes the handling of Fold&Slide doors especially simple and comfortable.
In addition, the optional flush-floor enhanced threshold allows easy access.

  • All door elements are folded and pushed to the side to save space for optimum room use.
  • An integral Tilt&Turn sash can be used as a passage or for ventilation like a terrace or balcony door independently of the folding elements.
  • Variable opening types, opening inwards or outwards
  • Optimised roller units on ball bearings, with quiet rollers made of PVC instead of stainless steel for more comfort and durability
  • Small brushes in the rollers ensure a largely dirt-free roller track.
  • A cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area.
  • Optional enhanced threshold for improved isothermal efficiency and more flexibility

Technical data

Timber and PVC

Sash rebate width access sash
450 – 1200 mm
Sash rebate width folding sash
450 – 900 mm
Sash rebate height
600 – 2800 mm
Sash weight
max. 100 kg
Frame external width
max. 6000 mm


Sash width access sash
480 – 1230 mm
Sash width folding sash
480 – 930 mm
Sash height
630 – 2830 mm
Sash weight
max. 100 kg
Frame external width
max. 6000 mm


Roto Patio Fold enhanced threshold

Enhanced threshold

Energy-efficient enhanced threshold with improved isothermal efficiency.


Due to the modular design of the hardware system, components from the Roto NT modular system can be used. In addition, this Fold&Slide hardware offers further installation advantages:

  • Variable fixing locations for the frame hinges permit optimum adaptation to the profile system.
  • A frame hinge bearing with additional packers allows adaptation to different overlap heights.
  • The hinges can be steplessly adjusted by +/- 3 mm with an allen key.

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