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Roto NX Designo

Concealed hinge solution for windows and balcony doors with high sash weights up to 150 kg

  • Concealed hinge side
  • Efficient hardware installation with the Roto NT modular system
  • Three-dimensional hinge side adjustment

Roto NX Designo is the concealed hinge side for attractive timber, PVC and aluminium windows up to 150 kg sash weight. No hinges visible from the outside, no caps – nothing detracts from the window's appearance.

All components from the Roto NT modular system are perfectly tailored to each other and offer almost unlimited combination possibilities, thus enabling customers' various requirements to be met as flexibly as possible. Roto provides a 10-year functional warranty on all Roto NT components.

Roto NT lock concept

The basic Roto NT lock concept consists of the simple retrofitting of centre locks with security cams and security strikers:

  • Standard strikers can be easily replaced with security strikers.
  • All locking cam versions can be combined with the same strikers.
  • All strikers have the same screwing axis.
  • Roto NT is tested and certified in accordance with DIN 18104-2 as burglar-inhibiting retrofit hardware.
  • Roto NT is tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 for PVC and timber profiles.

The following locking cam variants are available:

  • Locking cam E: Adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm
  • Locking cam P: Security mushroom cam with adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm
  • Locking cam V: Security mushroom cam with adjustable height +/- 0.8 mm and adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm

Surface finish RotoSil

All Roto NT hardware components are treated with the unique RotoSil coating technology as standard. This involves galvanizing the basic material, passivating it with nano particles and then visually sealing it.

  • Optimum corrosion protection with unique self-healing in the event of minor scratches
  • RotoSil displays “extraordinarily high resistance to red-coloured rust” and thereby exceeds what is required by the standard  DIN EN 13126/8 Class 5 as per EN 1670:2007 (D) many times over.
  • Free of chromium (VI) compounds, is also environmentally safe and poses no health risks
  • The components have an even, matt silver appearance

Roto NT special surface

The Roto NT special surface is used for maximum resistance to extreme environmental influences. Following basic galvanic sealing, each individual NT component is given a special top coat of varnish.

  • Maximum corrosion protection for long-term functionality and durability
  • Robust against aggressive acids, gases and alkalis
  • The Roto NT special surface coating displays “extraordinarily high corrosion resistance under extraordinarily hard conditions”, and thereby exceeds what is required by the standard  DIN EN 13126/8 Class 5 (highest class) as per EN 1670:2007 (D) many times over.
  • The components have an even, matt silver appearance.

Barrier-free living 20 mm

The combination of Roto NT Designo with the Roto Eifel range of thresholds shows in an impressive way, how driving rain impermeability can be achieved for barrier-free balcony doors.

  • Product solution for barrier-free residential construction (DIN 18040, construction height 20 mm)
  • Thermally broken threshold Roto Eifel TB with adapter solution for striker
  • Design weather profile strip with modified brush location for improved impermeability (also applicable for double-sashed balcony doors)
  • Mounting base for pivot rest and turn-restrictor
  • Resistant to driving rain when installed in compliance with the system

Technical data

Sash weightMax. 150 kg
Sash (rebate) width
  • PVC, timber: max. 1400 mm
  • Aluminium: max. 1600 mm
Sash (rebate) height
  • PVC, aluminium: max. 2400 mm
  • Timber: max. 2600 mm
Aluminium hardware groove16 mm
SecurityRC 1 – RC 3


Roto NX floating-mullion sash PVC

Lever-operated espagnolette Plus

With the Roto NT lever-operated espagnolette Plus, the lever is especially simple and comfortable to operate by opening it vertically to the faceplate. Attractive lever with rubber-coated surface for a pleasant feel. When opened, virtually flush with overlap (170°).

Roto NT tilt restrictor

Tilt restrictor

The tilt restrictor allows two tilt positions: The tilt opening depth can be set to 80 mm or 140 mm – for needs-based, controlled ventilation.

PVC window with Roto E-Tec Drive

Electric window drive-unit

The concealed Roto electric window drive-unit Roto E-Tec Drive that can be integrated into the hardware allows windows to be automatically tilted and locked by sensors, time switches or BUS systems. Manual operation of the window is possible at all times.

Roto NT magnetic bullet catch

Magnetic bullet catch

Magnetic bullet catches on balcony doors allow these doors to close gently on their own with a light touch.The magnetic piece ensures a secure hold even without using the handle to lock. Easily retrofittable, ideally suited for balcony and terrace doors.

Roto NT 'comfort' window

'Comfort' window

Thanks to the handle's longer lever arm and the integrated positive control of the Roto NT 'Comfort' hardware, even large windows can be opened and closed conveniently without using force. The sash no longer has to be pulled or pushed to bring it into a tilted position.

Roto NT night-vent


The Roto NT night-vent ensures a regular supply of fresh air through a small ventilation opening. Besides, the 2-step / 3-step tilting position of the multi-step night-vent allows a narrower tilting angle as an alternative to the normal tilting depth.

Roto NT arrestable ventilation-stay

Arrestable ventilation-stay

Rotating the handle through 45° enables the window sash to be fixed in any desired tilting position, integrated anti-slam device included. The built-in mishandling device prevents incorrect use in the turn position.

Roto NT arrestable brake-stay

Arrestable brake-stay

The Roto NT arrestable brake-stay enables terrace and balcony doors to be conveniently locked in any desired turn position between 15° and 90° by simply moving the handle into the vertical locked position.

Roto NT reverse-action centre lock

Reverse-action centre lock

The reverse-action centre lock provides effective protection against attempts to displace the window by means of violent, lateral jimmying. Two mushroom cams simultaneously engage both sides of the security striker for even stricter security requirements.

Roto NT steel hook

Steel hooks

For maximum security and protection against break-ins on windows and on balcony and terrace doors. The hooks made of hardened steel fully engage like swing hooks into the particularly stable steel strikers and hook in securely there.

Roto NT (children's) security window

(Children's) security window

Thanks to the TiltFirst technology the window sash is locked in the tilted position when the handle is in the horizontal position. The window handle can only be turned up further with the handle key.


The Roto NT hardware system based on the modular principle consists of perfectly harmonised components, and offers many possibilities for meeting the many different customer demands as flexibly as possible.

  • All areas – from standard hardware with basic security right up to high-quality 'Comfort' or premium hardware – can be covered by a single hardware system.
  • The high series standard can be individually optimised with just a few easy-to-use components.
  • All components can always be clamped in the same locations, and can be connected quickly and easily via the patented Clip&Fit technology.
  • The cropping ranges, hooking-in components and screw positions are identical on all connectable components.


The automation concept for hardware installation on sashes and frames is structured in modular levels that can be assigned to the many different production volumes and company sizes. Each of these automation levels allow unlimited flexibility. Restructurings are possible at any time, allowing you to react quickly and flexibly to changes on the market.

  • Manual, machine-supported of fully-automatic hardware installation possible
  • The processor alone determine the level of rationalisation that fits in perfectly with your operations.
  • All window types can be covered by a small range of parts, without the need to change machines.
  • Can be worked with various manufacturers' machines
  • Self-clip-fit components for all hardware grooves bring significant time savings

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