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Roto Line

The classic range of handles

  • Classic design
  • Wide product range
  • Comfortable to use

The Roto Line range of classic handles impresses with RAL-tested advanced technology that offers durable functionality. Combined with high-quality aluminium elements, the elegant design with harmonious clear lines ensures comfortable handle operation.

This range of handles is suitable for Turn-Only/Tilt&Turn systems as well as for Tilt&Slide, Lift&Slide, Fold&Slide systems and for outward opening windows (cranked and non-cranked versions) with timber, PVC and aluminium frames. The range also includes six different handle sets for balcony and terrace doors.

Seven Roto Line handle variants are available to meet various security and comfort requirements:

  • Standard
    Basic handle without any additional function.
  • Lockable 40 Nm
    Equipped with turn cylinder for locking and unlocking; basic security, not tested; suitable as child safety lock.
  • Lockable 100 Nm
    Turn cylinder; burglar-inhibiting retrofit product (DIN 18104-1); lock the closed or tilted window quickly and simply by pushing down the cylinder.
  • Secustik®
    Invisible security against manipulation from the outside, self-locking blocking mechanism; safety bolt.
  • Push button
    Forcible displacement of the hardware from the outside is prevented; the window can be operated when the button is pressed.
  • TiltFirst
    Lockable with turn cylinder, "Tilt before Turn".
  • Cranked
    Lockable and non-lockable versions for outward opening windows.
  • Service handle with rosette
    For occasional operation of the window (e.g. in public buildings).

You can choose between the following anodised colours and powder coatings as colour versions (the number of colour versions depends on the respective handle, special colours available upon request):

  • Silver, Anodised
  • Nickel Silver, Anodised
  • Titanium Matt, Anodised
  • Brass Matt, Anodised
  • Medium Bronze, Anodised
  • Bronze, Anodised
  • RAL 8019 Grey-Brown
  • RAL 8022 Black-Brown
  • RAL 9016 Traffic-White

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