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Roto Freestyle

Solutions for all opening types

  • Special handle solutions for special applications

Roto Freestyle are special handle solutions that come in play primarily in the case of sliding systems with overlapping sashes and outward opening windows, so as to allow comfortable and therefore optimum operation.

Not all of our hardware can be covered only with our Roto Swing, Roto Line and Roto Samba handle ranges. This means that in some applications, individual or additional handle solutions are appropriate or even necessary.

Roto Patio Life

Fully retractable handles for the Lift&Slide” hardware system Roto Patio Life with two sliding sashes provide flexible opening of the sashes on both sides and a maximum opening width.

Roto Inline

Apart from the high level of user friendliness, the Roto Inline handle range impresses with its wide range of variants.

Six different sets, including lockable sets each consisting of an interior and exterior handle – are available in many attractive colours.

All handles are robust and with a high-quality finish, and prevent mishandling.

Roto AL

Window handles for reverse-action espagnolettes and geared-handles for Roto AL.

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