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Thresholds and much more besides

Leinfelden-Echterdingen   According to the manufacturer, Roto’s full “Door” range stands out primarily due to the fact that the necessary system components are precisely tailored. This is especially true of the “Roto Eifel” range, which comprises thermally broken thresholds for inward and outward opening PVC and timber main doors, balcony doors and patio doors. For new builds and renovations, the range ensures a convenient and safe transition to outdoor areas. Among other elements, additional benefits are brought by the clip-on, grooved cover made from rubberised PVC. This conceals the screw fixing in the base profile and therefore does not detract from the appearance and is quick and easy to replace when required, while also minimising the risk of slipping.

This brand’s systematic focus on customer benefits is also reflected by the wide range of accessories, which offers a comprehensive variety of practical solutions, from aero stops to additional profiles. For example, Roto can point to the rebate-screwed threshold retainers which ensure a clean and robust connection between the threshold and frame; the sliding threshold seals and automatic floor door gaskets which provide protection against the wind, cold, heat, dirt and noise; and the Design weather profile strip with integrated drip seal which effectively stops driving rain.

In addition to these components, with which customers are already relatively familiar, the range of accessories also includes a variety of additional parts. For instance, the adjustable cover bridges, in the form of patented aluminium adapters, prevent trip hazards for double-leafed door variants. The producer adds that tilt strikers and packers, which can also be installed flush in the cover of the threshold, are suitable for the V locking cam mount from the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware product range or for the “Designo” concealed hinge side. In addition, the combination of wind and aero stops the circulation of air in the rebate area.

We can round off the overview of Roto’s accessories with two further examples. While special protection profiles may protect the thresholds against the damage which often occurs during the construction phase, additional profiles can be used to make it easier to roll over outward opening door and window elements. Overall, it is clear that the “Eifel” range fully meets the company’s expertise motto of “thresholds and much more besides”.