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The “Tandeo Upgrade-Kit” opens doors electromechanically

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Door locks with a multipoint lock achieve increased security, which is why they are often the number one choice for entrances. On the “Roto Safe A I Tandeo” mechanical-automatic lock, the additional locks and the deadbolt in the main lock extend automatically when the door is closed. The door is locked without the need for any manual steps. Electromechanical systems, which also make it possible to effortlessly open the door without a key, offer even more comfort and accessibility. The “Tandeo”, when used with the new “Tandeo Upgrade-Kit”, is now able to provide this same level of comfort.  

Upgrades made easy

The new “Tandeo Upgrade-Kit” is a separate drive unit for unlocking main doors electromechanically. Manufacturers who use these systems only rarely can achieve greater flexibility in their production with streamlined storage thanks to the “Upgrade-Kit”.

The Plug&Play connection makes the “Upgrade-Kit” incredibly easy to install and connect to the “Tandeo” multipoint lock. After installation, the automatic adjustment of the drive unit is activated using a micro button. The unit performs a calibration test run in order to check which settings it should apply in order to be compatible with the existing mechanics.

Quality that you (can’t) hear

Doors with a “Tandeo” multipoint lock close almost silently. This is thanks to the whisper latches in the main lock and in the additional locks, which jointly ensure consistent gasket compression and tight sealing of the main door. The powerful motor in the “Tandeo Upgrade-Kit” means that even the unlocking process is incredibly quiet and fast. If the Roto “4in1” access control system is also installed, the main door can be opened without a key using an app, PIN code, finger scan, mobile phone with Bluetooth or an RFID-capable medium. As an alternative, the “Upgrade-Kit” is available in a version with an integrated radio receiver for opening the door using a hand-held transmitter.

Maximum flexibility with streamlined storage

The latest addition to the “Door” product range gives door manufacturers the ability to choose how they would like to stock their warehouses: they either add the preassembled “Roto Safe E | Eneo A” electromechanical multipoint lock to their warehouses or the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic lock and the “Upgrade-Kit”, which is also installed during door production if required. Both versions are available for many common profile systems made from any frame material with
a backset from 35 to 80 mm.