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Roto is making Tilt-Only windows secure

Leinfelden-Echterdingen   A study published by the German Institute for Housing and Environment (IWU) in 2020 delivered some sobering facts. According to this study, in Germany alone there was a total of 1.3 million domestic burglaries over the last ten years. Experts believe that the true number could be up to 25% higher due to the number of unreported cases. In the opinion of Roto, these values and people’s continuing distinct fear of having their private space violated is proof of the “continued sensitivity of the topic”. The fact that the number of cases has continued to drop in recent years does nothing to change this, underlines the hardware specialist. This is why the industry has a good chance of impressing builders and property owners with sensible investment in burglary protection.

An example of this is mechanical security technology. Its efficiency is primarily responsible for around 45% of planned break-ins failing during the attempt. This applies to windows and balcony doors which, according to studies, are by far the most common entry points in detached houses, with 77% of burglars forcing entry in this way.

In the Tilt&Turn range, Roto offers the “proven Quadro Safe quartet” for this, among other components. As the manufacturer states, this includes special V locking cams featuring stable security strikers with multiple screw connections, a lockable window handle and drilling protection. These four coordinated components have proven to be an “effective preventive combination” in practical applications.

Burglary inhibition in accordance with resistance class RC 2 can be achieved even with windows tilted up to 65 mm. Moreover, when elements are closed, this corresponds to RC 3 level. This is ensured by the specially designed security strikers from the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn range, which are made from steel. By combining these “TiltSafe” components with locking cams, a lockable handle and drilling protection, the major security problem which used to be posed by “Tilt-Only windows” is permanently minimised. The high air exchange rate which is ensured at the same time additionally improves the living comfort.