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Roto improves Tilt&Turn range

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – As statistics regularly confirm, windows and balcony doors on the ground floor and upper floors are preferred entry points for thieves. It is also a well-known fact that their success rate drops dramatically as the efficiency of mechanical burglary inhibition increases. Specialist companies can now give their customers a new advantage when it comes to security – the “Roto NX” range now includes optimised steel frame components which, according to the manufacturer, are suitable for PVC and timber windows up to RC 3 level when combined with security locking cams.

The current improvements to the universal Tilt&Turn hardware system also offer increased customer benefits in multiple fields at once. For instance, the concept can be rapidly adapted to meet individual security requirements. From a processing and storage perspective, the further reduced variety of parts is a positive development. Now there are just symmetrical tilt strikers which can be used on the right and left and are always made from steel with a PVC bottom part.

A sophisticated component geometry, which offers benefits including increased dimensional stability, supports automated production. As the manufacturer states, the simplification of materials and dimensions and the secure connection between the top and bottom parts play a role here. The device for the concealed MVS-B contact elements, the “E-Tec Control” magnetic locking and opening monitoring system, ensures simplified production. The security tilt strikers and security strikers in the base area require no rework.

Roto also emphasises improved comfort with the new “NX” components. The optimised run-in curves of the steel frame components reduce the operating force. This is an important factor for window elements with increased burglary inhibition, which require numerous locking points.

The concept also boasts an impressive design. The high-quality appearance of the surface is also due to the fact that there are neither clip holes on the front nor rivet stamps. This is also complemented by the fault-free function thanks to frame components closed at the side. This is achieved by the PVC bottom part on tilt strikers (PVC / timber) and strikers (timber).

Last but not least, the steel components upgrade the “TiltSafe” window, underlines the hardware specialist. This makes windows tilted by up to 65 mm compatible with RC 2. Closed elements are even compliant with RC 3. The corresponding security features are rounded off by the V locking cam from the “NX” range and a lockable handle (100 Nm).