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Modern hardware for architecture with added value

Leinfelden-Echterdingen Windows and doors with carefully selected hardware make private and public spaces more comfortable and secure, sometimes by a significant degree. This is something that Eberhard Mammel, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT), is sure of. If building elements and hardware are selected for a building with the architecture and function of the room in mind, it is easy to integrate important aspects like security, energy efficiency and operating convenience with Roto. This is because the hardware specialist offers an incredibly wide selection of components for PVC, timber, timber-aluminium and aluminium building elements. Even standard versions in the hardware product ranges for elements of all opening types cover an impressive range of applications. Mammel gives examples of solutions that are popular in modern architecture.


People want natural light, flexible ventilation and an unimpeded view of their surroundings. Building experts also consider the influence that the opening type has on the way in which the room is used. If there is a need to save space, outward opening windows or, alternatively, sliding systems are recommended for natural ventilation. Roto offers a reliable and tested hardware solution for elements of any shape and size. The early stages of component design and development are key to ensuring that windows and doors can be produced flexibly yet economically.


It’s never been simpler or more appealing to bring the outdoors indoors. Large windows, balcony doors and sliding elements bring a special atmosphere to naturally bright rooms. This is what makes them so popular. For instance, the “Roto NX | Power Hinge” hinge side for sashes weighing up to 300 kg helps ensure that large and heavy timber Turn-Only doors, which are particularly popular in residential construction, enjoy a long service life while requiring minimal maintenance. The same is true of the “Roto Patio Inowa” Parallel Sliding system, which is fully mounted on roller bearings. In the “Patio Inowa | Max” version, it guarantees effortless operation, even for installations in XXL format. At the same time, it creates a tight seal on sliding elements, while keeping cold, rain, storms and noise outside.


Burglar inhibiting multipoint locks also play an important role in allowing you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and a peaceful night’s sleep. Roto offers door manufacturers the right multipoint lock and various hinges for main doors, which are designed to provide increased burglary protection. It is incredibly simple to integrate windows and doors into a burglar alarm system by using MVS contacts for opening and locking monitoring. The MVS contacts are part of the standard range of products from Roto and are available for elements made from any frame material.

External doors with the “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” mechanical-automatic multipoint lock are RC 2- or RC 3-capable. The deadbolt in the main lock and the automatic power wedges extend simultaneously and are immediately push-back safeguarded. This is why full insurance cover applies even if a door is “just slammed shut”. The “Eneo A” electromechanical version also boasts a drive unit and ensures quick automatic unlocking using any access control system. Equipped with the “4in1” access control system, the door can be opened either using a PIN code, finger scan, Bluetooth-capable mobile phone or RFID-capable medium.

Sliding and Tilt&Turn hardware from Roto can be combined with many different security components. If burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 3 is required, this can be achieved for example by Turn-Only and Tilt&Turn windows with the “Roto NX” hardware product range, while specific configurations also make higher resistance classes possible. With the “TiltSafe” function, even a window that is tilted open meets the requirements of resistance class RC 2. Even a sliding element can, for instance, be manufactured in accordance with RC 2 with “Patio Inowa”. “Roto NX” and “Patio Inowa” are both available for all frame materials.

Minimalist appearance with maximum functionality

For a modern, minimalist design, Roto offers hardware technology which is fully concealed in the window or door rebate, even if the profiles are very slender. Elements with increased burglary protection can also be created with the “Roto NX | C” concealed Tilt&Turn hinge side for PVC and timber windows or with “Roto AL Designo” for aluminium windows. “Roto Patio Lift” is suitable for Lift&Slide systems with Slim profiles. Aluminium main doors with the “Roto Solid C” concealed door hinge are compatible with RC 2, even in the standard version. The components of “Roto Patio Inowa” are also positioned in the profile rebate and are fully concealed when the element is closed.

Hardware for greater security

Windows in public buildings have to be secured in specific ways, for instance to prevent incorrect operation. When the handle is locked, the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware with “TiltFirst” function makes it impossible to turn a sash open fully. A key is needed to open the window fully. But anyone is able to tilt the sash for ventilation. The “TiltFirst” technology and opening restrictors, which are very popular especially for windows in public buildings, provide greater operating safety in rooms with many constantly changing users.

Consistent design

Roto produces hinges and handles in many different colours and surfaces which add the finishing touch to the design of windows and doors. Butt hinges from the “Roto Solid B” range are available for PVC, timber and aluminium entrance doors. They impress with their incredibly slender appearance. The adjustment mechanism is integrated in the hinge roller, which prevents gaps forming during adjustment.

Handles with the same design for windows of different opening types can be found in the “Roto Line” range. They are also available for timber, PVC and aluminium elements. The range includes six different handle sets for balcony and patio doors, and handles for Turn-Only, Tilt&Turn and outward opening windows.

Excellent advice

Energy efficiency and functional safety, burglary protection and operating convenience, but also the durability of windows and doors in general are linked to the quality of the hardware. The “Connecting rooms with Roto” brochure illustrates the product ranges that renowned architects have chosen for their projects. It is a useful tool for providing advice when talking to customers and can be downloaded as a PDF from the Roto website ( Roto sales representatives help to develop ideal solutions by showcasing hardware solutions to building element manufacturers and their customers in the digital “Roto City”. This is an ideal opportunity to get clear answers to any technical questions.